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Graduate Coursework Requirements


 Graduate Coursework Requirements


Dr. EtzelStudents develop and obtain approval (from Major Professor, Advisory Committee, Food Science Graduate Committee, Graduate School) for a Plan of Study, then successfully complete (i.e., minimum GPA of 3.0 on 4.0 scale) coursework in the Plan of Study. Beyond the minimum course requirements (see below), students select additional courses based on their chosen area of specialization. Listings are available of additional courses recommended for the general specializations of Food Chemistry, Food Microbiology, Food Processing, and Foods & Health.

The Food Science Graduate Program has no minimum total credit hours for a M.S. or Ph.D. degree, but M.S. students average 25-28 semester credit hours on their Plan of Study, and Ph.D. students average 20-24 credits.

Minimum coursework requirements of all graduate students are as follows:

  • Basic Food Science Course Series (6 cr.)
    • Food Chemistry (1 cr.) FS 550
    • Food Analysis (1 cr.) FS 551
    • Nutritional Sciences (1 cr.) FS 552
    • Food Microbiology (1 cr.) FS 553
    • Food Processing and Packaging (2 cr.) FS 554
  • Case Study Course (1 cr.) FS 555
  • Statistics (M.S. students - 3 cr.; Ph.D. students - the equivalent of STAT 511 or 512, and STAT 514, i.e., though Experimental Design)
  • Responsible Conduct in Research (1 cr.) ENTM 612, or equivalent
  • Seminar (1 cr.) FS 684 or equivalent

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