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Have you ever wondered about the processes it takes to transform raw commodities to the food on your table? That’s what Food Science is all about. It’s an exciting area that applies the basic sciences, mathematics, and engineering to converting agricultural commodities into edible foods and beverages. Food Science is science!

We prepare you for success in business, science, and natural resource careers.

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Food Science graduates are fully prepared for positions in quality assurance, product development, research, and technical services in a variety of companies. The department offers our students many services to help in securing employment. Discover more about our placement, salary, and industry options. More...

What is Food Science?

The field of Food Science applies science, such as microbiology and biochemistry, to discover ways to improve the taste, nutrition, and value of the world's food supply. A Food Scientist possesses the skills necessary to convert raw food products into safe, attractive foods and beverages.  More...
Food Science curriculum
Food Science honors program
Food Science honors curriculum
Food Science minor

Other programs

Pet Food Processing minor
Pre-Med information
Pre-Vet with Food Science curriculum


s are a fantastic way to find out more about Food Science. Find out more about this exciting opportunity. More...


Scholarship application
There are many scholarship opportunities within the Food Science Department. The Scholarships link will provide you with a list of the current Food Science scholarships. The Scholarship Application link will take you to a university wide scholarship application with questions tailored to students in the College of Agriculture. If you apply with this one application you will be considered for all Purdue University, College of Agriculture, and Food Science scholarships. More...

Admission requirements

Find out what the Purdue University's admission requirements are for those students wanting to pursue a Food Science degree in the School of Agriculture. More...

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Apply to Purdue any time, day or night. More...

Our facilities

See a detailed description of our state-of-the-art facility that was built in 1998. More...

Meet the Food Science Academic Coordinator

Meet the person who can help you with any questions you may have about becoming a Food Science student. More...

Campus life

Learn about the different organizations and groups you can be a part of while at Purdue. Find out more about housing, tuition costs, visiting and more! More...

Contact a current undergrad student

Would you like to know more information about food science from a student's point of view? A current student will reply to you through this link and provide you a wider view of what the Department of Food Science is all about! More...