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Research Focus and Interests         

Pathogen and Toxin Detection:

  • Biosensor technologies including laser light scattering, mammalian cell-based, and fiber optic sensors for rapid and high throughput screening of live pathogens and toxins in food
  • Development of biorecognition including antibodies, receptors, ligands, and microbiological growth media  

​Host-Pathogen Interaction and Control Strategies Using Probiotics :

  • Understanding the molecular and cellular mechanism of  Listeria monocytogenes colonization and translocation through epithelial barrier during intestinal phase of infection
  • Prevention and control using bioengineered probiotic and antimicrobial peptide loaded biocompatible nano-carrier

Our Collaborators

​Dr. Euiwon Bae , School of Mechanical Engineering, Purdue Universit

​Dr. Rashid Bashir, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

​Dr. Andrew Gehring, USDA-ARS, ERRC, Wyndmo​or, PA

​Dr. E. Dan Hirleman,  Dean, School of Engineering, University of California, Merced, CA

​Dr. Mike Ladisch, Department of Agricultural & Biological Engineering, Purdue University

​Dr. Albenones de Mesquita, Federal University of Goias, Goiania, Brazil

​Dr. George Paoli, USDA-ARS, ERRC, Wyndmoor, PA

​Dr. Yuan Yao, Department of Food Science, Purdue University


Selected Publications

Text Books
1. Foodborne Microbial Pathogens: Mechanisms and Pathogenesis, Arun K. Bhunia, 1st Edition (2008), Springer, New York.
2. Fundamental Food Microbiology, Bibek Ray and Arun K. Bhunia, 5th Edition (2014). CRC Press, Boca Raton, FL.

Refereed Publications
1. Singh, A.K., Bettasso, A.M., Bae, E., Rajwa, B., Dundar, M.M., Forstere, M.D., Liu, L., Barrette, B., Lovchike, J., Robinson, J.P., Hirleman, E.D. and Bhunia, A.K. 2014. Laser Optical Sensor, a Label-Free on-Plate Salmonella enterica Serovar Colony-Detection Tool. mBio 5(1): (DOI:10.1128/mBio.01019-13)
2. Koo, O.K., Amalaradjou, M.A.R., and Bhunia, A.K. 2012.Recombinant probiotic expressing Listeria adhesion protein attenuates Listeria monocytogenes virulence in vitro. PLoS One 7 (1): e29277
3. Huff, K., Aroonnual, A., Fleishman Littlejohn, A.E., Rajwa, B., Bae, E., Banada, P.P., Patsekin, V., Hirleman, E.D., Robinson, J.P., Richards, G.P., and Bhunia, A.K. 2012. Light-scattering sensor for real-time identification of Vibrio parahaemolyticusV. vulnificus, and V. cholerae colonies on solid agar plate. Microbial Biotechnology, 5(5):607-620.
4. Jagadeesan, B., Fleishman Littlejohn, A.E., M.A.R. Amalaradjou, A.K. Singh, Mishra, K, La, D., Kihara, D., and Bhunia, A.K. 2011. N-terminal Gly224–Gly411 domain in Listeria Adhesion Protein interacts with host receptor Hsp60. PLoS One.6 (6):e20694.
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