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Food Science Graduate Student Association

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 Food Science Graduate Student Association


The Food Science Graduate Student Association (FSGSA) represents the voice of the graduate students in the Food Science Graduate Program at Purdue University. FSGSA provides opportunities for students to discuss current issues, work with the faculty to improve the graduate program, and socialize and enjoy time together outside of research and academia.

FSGSA was founded in September 2000 by Kristen Gray (then Naschansky), who had a vision for what the graduate students could accomplish by uniting together. Gray wanted to increase communication and interaction amongst fellow graduate students as well as between the graduate students and the department. Many of her ideas have taken form to help develop the organization as it is known today. One such activity is our Continuing Lecture Series, where faculty members present ongoing research taking place in their laboratory and discuss resources that they can provide to other students in the department.

Many social activities are also organized by the FSGSA to allow students a chance to relax and have fun away from the rigors of research. Ice skating, bowling, and monthly breakfasts have been among these events. The group also promotes “Purdue Pride” by giving away prizes to those demonstrating their knowledge of Purdue trivia. Annually, the FSGSA sponsors the International Dinner. Students as well as faculty and staff are invited to bring a dish native to their homeland to share.

While the FSGSA has made many strides to promoting the well being of graduate students, the organization hopes to make even more progress in the future. The group hopes to continue with all of the current activities it hosts as well as promote more activities to enhance the lives of food science graduate students at Purdue University. 

Food Science Graduate Student Association

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