Ag Scholarship Recipients; Their Stories

The College of Agriculture is fortnate to have many scholarships availalbe to its students. Our College of Agriculture Students are also very talented and have been awarded many scholarships from the College of Agriculture and Purdue University.

Scholarships by the numbers for 2013-2014

Number of ag and university scholarships awarded to ag students: 1,500 Scholarships

Number of College of Agriculture scholarships awarded: 828 Scholarships

Number of students who received either an ag scholarship or a university scholarship: 660 Students


Meet some of our Scholarship Recipients!

Joni (Degler) Johnson
Animal Sciences Agribusiness

Meet Joni

Angela Abney
Agribusiness with a Concentration in Agribusiness Management

Meet Angela

Corbin Abrell
Agricultural Systems Management

Meet Corbin

Ben Ahler
Agriculture Sales and Marketing

Meet Ben

Emma Allen
Animal Sciences/ Animal Production

Meet Emma

Abbey Amos
Agribusiness Management

Meet Abbey

Sara Andree
Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences

Meet Sara

Iris Archer

Meet Iris

Ed Babinec
Agricultural Systems Management

Meet Ed

Daniel Bechman
Plant Breeding and Plant Genetics

Meet Daniel

Jenna Beck
Landscape Architecture

Meet Jenna

Elizabeth Bell

Meet Elizabeth

Jourdan Bender
Agricultural Economics

Meet Jourdan

Amanda Bickel
Animal Behavior and Well-Being

Meet Amanda

Armenda Boyer
Agricultural Communication, Applied Agricultural Economics

Meet Armenda

Kelsey Braaten
Animal Science Pre-Veterinary Science

Meet Kelsey

Jess Bunchek
Environmental Plant Studies

Meet Jess

Jared Burke
Agribusiness, Spanish

Meet Jared

Sydney Byerley
Animal Sciences

Meet Sydney

Jason Carey
Agribusiness Management

Meet Jason

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