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Animal Sciences Graduate Students Honored with Award

Thanks to the generosity of several College of Agriculture donors, 11 graduate students in the Department of Animal Sciences at Purdue University have the opportunity to continue their research in exciting ways.

These students were recognized for their achievements this past May at the ANSC Annual Graduate Student Luncheon where they were awarded grants to continue their research and share their knowledge with others in the agriculture field.

The LOUJA Graduate Travel Award

Established by Dr. Jake Krider and his wife, Louise, the LOUJA Graduate Travel Award provides grants to graduate students in the Department of Animal Sciences who have authored or co-authored outstanding research papers and presented their findings at a regional, national or international meeting. The grants fund the recipients’ travel to these scientific meetings.

Dr. Krider served as Head of the Department of Animal Sciences from 1963-1971 and as professor until his retirement in 1979. He was heavily involved in agricultural organization, most notably serving as past president of the American Society of Animal Science.

The 2016 LOUJA Graduate Travel Award recipients are:

Nichole Chapel, Nicholas Lancaster, Elizabeth Petrosus, Chao Wang, Pengcheng Xue and Hui Yan.


Left to right: Hui Yan, Pengcheng Xue, Chao Wang, Elizabeth Petrosus, Nicholas Lancaster, and Nichole Chapel

What the Students Say

Chao Want says, “I am thankful for the LOUJA travel grant to give me an opportunity to share my research with colleagues. I will go to the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology annual meeting the coming April in Chicago.”

Nichole Chapel says, “In July I had the opportunity to attend the national American Society of Animal Science Joint Animal Meeting in Salt Lake City, UT to present my research. This conference attracts over 2,500 participants with a large international population. I would like to thank the department and the  LOUJA Grant for giving all of us the chance to travel and present data to such a respected audience.”

Elizabeth Petrosus says, “Thank you to the Department of Animal Sciences for giving me the opportunity to compete and thank you to Dr. Jake Krider and Louise Krider for providing the travel grant. I am excited to be using the LOUJA award to present at the Conference of Research Workers in Animal Diseases, which will take place in Chicago at the end of the year.”

Nick Lancaster says, “Being one of the LOUJA award recipients assisted in funding my trip to the American Society of Animal Science Joint Animal Meeting in Salt Lake City, UT where I presented several research projects this summer. I am grateful to be a recipient of this award and be given the opportunity to further my professional development by being able to attend JAM this year.”

Hui Yan says, “I am so grateful for Dr. Jake Krider and his wife Louise who establish the LOUJA Graduate Travel Award to support Animal Science graduate students to attend scientific meeting every year. This award provides great opportunities for graduates to share their research accomplishment and improve presentation skill. It is my great honor to be selected to receive the LOUJA Graduate Travel Award. It indicates that all my efforts on the scientific research and my presentation skill have been appreciated. This award drives me even more to devote myself to the future work and strive for success. I have used this travel fund to attend 2016 ASAS-ADAS Joint Annual Meeting at Salt Lake City.”

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