101 Ways to Grow Arabidopsis

Welcome to the "101 Ways" Arabidopsis growth advice website. This site, created for researchers by researchers, reports the results of an applied horticultural science experiment to determine methods of growing Arabidopsis thaliana that are successful, repeatable, and scalable. Below, you can find the top plant growth questions and photographs describing results related to those questions. For more in-depth information, please see the 'Technical Information' section below. A printable, single-page summary of recommendations is provided, as well as technical analyses of irrigation solutions and root media.

Printable, Single-page of Recommendations

Advice by Question:

"Photos" = PHOTOGRAPHS with brief description
".pdf" = PRINTABLE DOCUMENT file at Purdue Libraries e-Pubs

Pots and Root Media
[Desc][Photos][.pdf]What pot size worked the best in this study?
[Desc][Photos][.pdf]What soil mix worked best in this study? *
[Desc][Photos][.pdf]Can a soilless mix be augmented to improve growth?
[Desc][Photos][.pdf]What root media worked best to cleanly remove roots?
[Desc][Photos] Does soil need to be pressed down prior to planting?
[Desc][Photos][.pdf]Do seeds need to be misted to germinate?
[Desc][Photos][.pdf]Can I leave plants sitting in a tray of water?*
[Desc][Photos][.pdf]What if water HAS to be left in the trays?
[Desc][Photos] Did use of capillary matting for sub-irrigation improve growth?
[Desc] Is reverse-osmosis purified water required to irrigate the plants?
[Desc][Photos] Was fertilizer required?
[Desc][Photos][.pdf]What frequency of fertilizing worked best in this study?
[Desc][Photos][.pdf]What fertilizer strength worked best in this study?
[Desc][Photos][.pdf]Did use of slow-release fertilizer result in healthy plants?
[Desc][Photos][.pdf]What light intensity worked best in this study?
[Desc][Photos][.pdf]Can high intensity discharge lights be used?
Does light quality help hasten flowering?
[Desc][Photos][.pdf]What photoperiod (daylength) worked best in this study?
[Desc][Photos][.pdf]Does growth under 24-hour light hasten production?
[Desc][Photos][.pdf]Does 24-hour illumination damage plants?
[Desc][Photos][.pdf]Can plants be transferred from a low light environment to high light?
[Desc][Photos][.pdf]Should a greenhouse, light shelf or growth chamber be used? *
[Desc][Photos][.pdf]I've run out of space in my facility- how can I optimize it?
[Desc][Photos] Can early flowering during long, hot days be avoided?
[Desc][Photos][.pdf]Can a greenhouse table be modified with air-conditioning?
[Desc][Photos][.pdf]Can a shelf unit be modified with air-conditioning?
[Desc][Photos][.pdf]Did any treatments reduce fungus gnat infestation?
[Desc][Photos][.pdf]How much imidacloprid (Marathon 1G) need be applied?
[Desc][Photos][.pdf]Do any insecticides or fungicides burn foliage?
[Desc][Photos][.pdf]What is my worst Arabidopsis nightmare?
[Desc] What about germination treatments and hydroponic techniques that this study did not examine?

Related References

*Titles have been summarized
*Full References also available: [.pdf]

Technical Information

HGRH / WSLR Technical Analyses

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