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David Rhodes

Horticulture and Landscape Architecture 

  • Professor of Horticulture
Horticulture Bldg. Room 114

Area of Expertise: Plant Phys. / Biochem.


Awards & Honors

(2003) Nominated for "Helping Students Learn" Award for Outstanding Innovation. Purdue University.

Selected Publications

Peel, G. J., Mickelbart, M. V., & Rhodes, D. (2010). Choline metabolism in glycinebetaine accumulating and non-accumulating near-isogenic lines of Zea mays and Sorghum bicolor. Phytochemistry, 71, 404-414.

Maeda, H., Shasany, A. K., Schnepp, J., Orlova, I., Taguchi, G., Cooper, B. R., . . . Dudareva, N. (2010). RNAi suppression of arogenate dehydratase1 reveals that phenylalanine is synthesized predominantly via the arogenate pathway in petunia petals. Plant Cell, 22, 832-849.

Rhodes, D., Colon, A. M., Sengupta, N., Dudareva, N., & Morgan, J. (2010). A kinetic model describes metabolic response to perturbations and distribution of flux control in the benzenoid network of Petunia hybrida. Plant Journal, 62, 64-76.

Long, M. C., Nagegowda, D. A., Kaminaga, Y., Ho, K. K., Kish, C. M., Schnepp, J., . . . Dudareva, N. (2009). Involvement of benzaldehyde dehydrogenase in benzoic acid biosynthesis in snapdragon flowers. Plant Journal, 59, 256-265.

Marshall-Colon, A., Morgan, J. A., Dudareva, N., & Rhodes, D. (2009). Application of dynamic flux analysis in metabolic networks. In Plant Metabolic Networks (Vol. Vol 1, pp. 285-305).

Rhodes, D., Lockwood, A. L., Filley, T. R., & Shepson, P. B. (2008). Foliar uptake of atmospheric organic nitrates. Geophysical Research Letters, 35, L15809.

Marshall-Colón, A., & Rhodes, D. (2006). Osmolytes in plant drought and salt response. In Advances in molecular-breeding toward drought and salt tolerant crops.

Kaminaga, Y., Schnepp, J., Peel, G., Kish, C. M., Ben-Nissan, G., Weiss, D., . . . Dudareva, N. (2006). Plant Phenylacetaldehyde Synthase Is A Bifunctional Homotetrameric Enzyme That Catalyzes Penylalanine Decarboxylation And Oxidation. J. Biol. Chem..