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Matthew A Jenks

Awards & Honors

(2009) Fulbright Senior Research Fellowship. Fulbright Foundation-Greece.

(2006) Second Discipline Study Fellowship. Purdue University.

Selected Publications

Jenks, M. A., & Bebeli, P. (in press). Breeding for Fruit Quality. Oxford UK: Wiley-Blackwell Publishing Inc.

Jenks, M. A., & Wood, A. J. (2009). Genes for Plant Abiotic Stress (Vol. 1). Oxford, UK: Wiley-Blackwell Publishing Inc..

Lu, S., Song, T., Kosma, D. K., Parsons, E. P., Rowland, O., & Jenks, M. A. (2009). Arabidopsis CER8 encodes LONG-CHAIN ACYL COA SYNTHETASE 1 (LACS1) that has overlapping functions with LACS2 in plant wax and cutin synthesis.. Plant Journal, 59, 553-564.

Peters, P. J., Jenks, M. A., Rich, P. J., Axtell, J. D., & Ejeta, G. (2009). Mutagenesis, selection and allelic analysis of epicuticular wax mutants in Sorghum.. Crop Science, 49, 1250-1258.

Mang, H. G., Laluk, K. A., Parsons, E. P., Kosma, D. K., Cooper, B. R., Park, H. C., . . . Jenks, M. A. (2009). The Arabidopsis RESURRECTION1 gene regulates a novel antagonistic interaction in plant defense to biotrophs and necrotrophs.. Plant Physiology, 151, 290-305.

Isaacson, T., Kosma, D. K., Matas, A. J., Buda, G. J., He, Y., Yu, B., . . . Rose, J. K. C. (2009). Cutin deficiency in the tomato fruit cuticle consistently affects resistance to microbial infection and biomechanical properties, but not transpirational water loss.. Plant Journal, 60, 363-377.

Lu, S., Song, T., Kosma, D., Parsons, E., Rowland, O., & Jenks, M. A. (2009). Arabidopsis CER8 encodes LONG-CHAIN ACYL-COA SYNTHETASE 1 (LACS1) and has overlapping functions with LACS2 in plant cutin and wax biosynthesis. Gordon Research Conference on Plant Lipids: Structure, Metabolism and Function.

Kosma, D. K., Parsons, E. P., Isaacson, T., Lu, S., Rose, J. K. C., & Jenks, M. A. (in press). Fruit cuticle composition during development in tomato ripening mutants.. Physiologia Plantarum.

Lu, S., Zhao, G., Wu, A., Jenks, M. A., Zhang, S., & Liu, J. (in press). Molecular cloning of a cotton bifunctional phosphatase gene and its functional characterization.. Biochemistry Mosc..

Kosma, D. K., Bourdenx, B., Bernard, A., Parsons, E. P., Lu, S., Joubes, J., & Jenks, M. A. (in press). The impact of water deficiency on leaf cuticle lipids of Arabidopsis.. Plant Physiology, (4), 1918-1929.