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Cover of Chronica Horticulturae JournalLEDs:  The Future of Greenhouse Lighting!136 x 193chronica_v52n1_2012.jpg
10/1/2012/hla/Publication%20Library/Lopez/LEDs.pdfMitchell, C.A., A. Both, C.M. Bourget, J.F. Burr, C. Kubota, R.G. Lopez, R.C. Morrow, and E.S. Runkle12 KB chronica_v52n1_2012.jpgchronica_v52n1_2012
Effects of selected fertilizers on the life history of Bemisia tabaci Hemiptera: Aleyrodidae) biotype B. J.143 x 193economicentomology_apr2011.jpg
4/1/2011, K.M., C.S. Sadof, L.A. Cañas, C.H. Kuniyoshi, and R.G. Lopez18 KB economicentomology_apr2011.jpgeconomicentomology_apr2011
Cuttings of Impatiens, Pelargonium, and Petunia Propagated under Light-Emitting Diodes and High-Pressure Sodium Lamps Have Comparable Growth, Morphology, Gas Exchange, and Post-Transplant Performance143 x 193hortsciapril2013.gif
4/1/2013, C.J. and R.G. Lopez18 KB hortsciapril2013.gifhortsciapril2013
Environmental physiology of growth and flowering of orchids143 x 193HortScience_2005.jpg
1/1/2005, R.G. and E.S. Runkle16 KB HortScience_2005.jpgHortScience_2005
The appeal of biodegradable packaging to floral consumers143 x 193hortscience_apr2010.jpg
4/1/2010, C.R., B.L. Campbell, B.K. Behe, C. Yue, R.G. Lopez, and J.H. Dennis16 KB hortscience_apr2010.jpghortscience_apr2010
Investigating consumer preference for organic, local or sustainable ornamental plants143 x 193hortscience_apr2011.jpg
4/1/2011,%20local%20or%20sustainable%20plants.pdfYue, C., J.H. Dennis, B.K. Behe, C.R. Hall, B.L. Campbell, and R.G. Lopez9 KB hortscience_apr2011.jpghortscience_apr2011
Factors affecting growers’ willingness to adopt sustainable floriculture practices143 x 193hortscience_aug2009.jpg
8/1/2009, T.J., J.H. Dennis, R.G. Lopez, and M.I. Marshall16 KB hortscience_aug2009.jpghortscience_aug2009
Sustainable production practices adopted by greenhouse and nursery plant growers143 x 193hortscience_aug2010.jpg
8/1/2010, J.H., R.G. Lopez, B.K. Behe, C.R. Hall, C. Yue, and B.L. Campbell16 KB hortscience_aug2010.jpghortscience_aug2010
The effect of temperature on leaf and flower development and flower longevity of Zygopetalum Redvale ‘Fire Kiss’ orchid143 x 193HortScience_dec2004.jpg
1/1/2004, R.G. and E.S. Runkle14 KB HortScience_dec2004.jpgHortScience_dec2004
Temperature and photoperiod regulate flowering of potted Miltoniopsis orchids143 x 193HortScience_dec2006.jpg
12/1/2006, R.G. and E.S. Runkle14 KB HortScience_dec2006.jpgHortScience_dec2006
Photosynthetic daily light integral during propagation influences rooting and growth of cuttings and subsequent development of new guinea impatiens and petunia143 x 193HortScience_dec2008.jpg
12/1/2008, R.G. and E.S. Runkle16 KB HortScience_dec2008.jpgHortScience_dec2008
Photosynthetic Daily Light Integral During Propagation of Tecoma stans Influences Seedling Rooting and Growth143 x 193hortscience_feb2011.jpg
2/1/2011, A.P and R.G. Lopez19 KB hortscience_feb2011.jpghortscience_feb2011
Growth, Morphology, and Quality of Rooted Cuttings of Several Herbaceous Annual Bedding Plants Are Influenced by Photosynthetic Daily Light Integral During Root Development143 x 193hortscience_jan2012.jpg
1/1/2012, C.J., V.A. Hutchinson, and R.G. Lopez18 KB hortscience_jan2012.jpghortscience_jan2012
Photosynthetic Daily Light Integral During Root Development Influences Subsequent Growth and Development of Several Herbaceous Annual Bedding Plants143 x 193HortScience_july2012.jpg
7/1/2012, C.J. Currey, and R.G. Lopez53 KB HortScience_july2012.jpgHortScience_july2012
Development of 'Euphorbia pulcherrima' under Reduced Finish Temperatures141 x 183HortScience_june2012.jpg
6/1/2012, D.M., R.G. Lopez, and B.A. Krug10 KB HortScience_june2012.jpgHortScience_june2012
Photoperiod and temperature influence flowering responses and morphology of Tecoma stans143 x 193hortscience_mar2011.jpg
3/1/2011, A.P and R.G. Lopez19 KB hortscience_mar2011.jpghortscience_mar2011
Barriers to adopting sustainable floriculture certification143 x 193hortscience_may2010.jpg
5/1/2010, T.J., R.G. Lopez, M.I. Marshall, and J.H. Dennis18 KB hortscience_may2010.jpghortscience_may2010
Comparing the Adequacy of Controlled-release and Water-soluble Fertilizers for Bedding Plant ProductionComparing the Adequacy of Controlled-release and Water-soluble Fertilizers for Bedding Plant Production143 x 184hortscience_may2013.gif
5/1/2013 M. Camberato, James J. Camberato, and Roberto G. Lopez25 KB hortscience_may2013.gifhortscience_may2013
Image of Hort Science publication coverExogenous Applications of Benzyladenine and Gibberellic Acid Inhibit Lower-leaf Senescence of Geraniums during Propagation143 x 193HortScience_nov2013.jpg
11/1/2013/hla/Publication Library/Lopez/Exogenous_App_Benzyladenine_Gibberellic_Inhibit_LLSenescenceofGeraniums.pdfCurrey, C.J., R.G. Lopez, V.K. Rapaka, J.E. Faust, and E.S. Runkle11 KB HortScience_nov2013.jpgHortScience_nov2013
Gardening Consumer Segments Vary in Ecopractices143 x 193hortscience_oct2010.jpg
10/1/2010, B.K., B.L. Campbell, J.H. Dennis, C.R. Hall, R.G. Lopez and C. Yue10 KB hortscience_oct2010.jpghortscience_oct2010
Journal cover of Hort Science, September 2012Ethephon Substrate Drenches Inhibit Stem Extension of Floriculture Crops143 x 193HortScience_Sept_2012.jpg
9/1/2012/hla/Publication%20Library/Lopez/Ethephon%20Substrate%20Drenches.pdfXie, X., D. Xu, W.B. Miller, N.S. Mattson, C.J. Currey, K.L. Clemens, R.G. Lopez, M. Olrich, and E.S. Runkle14 KB HortScience_Sept_2012.jpgHortScience_Sept_2012
Comparison of High Tunnel and Field Production of Specialty Cut Flowers in the Midwest143 x 193HortScience_Sept2012.jpg
9/1/2012, M.A., K. Hyrczyk, and R.G. Lopez55 KB HortScience_Sept2012.jpgHortScience_Sept2012
&nbsp;	<br>Cover of Hort Science, Vol. 50, Num. 5, May 2015Comparison of Bedding Plant Seedlings Grown Under Sole-source Light-emitting Diodes (LEDs) and Greenhouse Supplemental Lighting from LEDs and High-pressure Sodium Lamps143 x 193HortScience_V50-5_May2015.jpg
5/1/2015/hla/Publication Library/Lopez/HortScience_50-5_705_713_May2015.pdfRandall, W.C. and R.G. Lopez29 KB HortScience_V50-5_May2015.jpgHortScience_V50-5_May2015
Image of cover of Hort Science, Volume 49, Number 2, February 2014Controlled-release Fertilizer during Cutting Propagation Affects Growth and Tissue Nutrient Concentrations of Rooted Cuttings of Annual Bedding Plants143 x 193HortScience-Feb2014.jpg
2/1/2014/hla/Publication Library/Lopez/HortScience_49-2_152-159_Feb2014.pdfCurrey, C.J. and R.G. Lopez8 KB HortScience-Feb2014.jpgHortScience-Feb2014
HortScience May 2014 cover photoComparison of Supplemental Lighting from High-pressure Sodium Lamps and Light-emitting Diodes during Bedding Plant Seedling Production143 x 193HortScience-May2014.jpg
5/1/2014/hla/Publication Library/Lopez/Comparison_of_LEDs_and_HPS_lamps.pdfRandall, W.C. and R.G. Lopez21 KB HortScience-May2014.jpgHortScience-May2014
Cover of Hort Science Vol. 9 Number 9, September 2014Determining the Effect of Carrier Water pH and Bicarbonate Concentration on Final pH of Plant Growth Regulator Solutions143 x 193HortScienceV49N9_Sept2014.jpg
9/1/2014/hla/Publication Library/Lopez/HortScience_49-9_1176-1182_Sept2014.pdfCamberato, D.M., J.J. Camberato, and R.G. Lopez18 KB HortScienceV49N9_Sept2014.jpgHortScienceV49N9_Sept2014
Cover image of Hort Science, Vol. 50, Num. 6, June 2015High Tunnel versus Climate-controlled Greenhouse:  Transplant Time and Production Environment Impact Growth and Morphology of Cold-tolerant Bedding Plants143 x 193HortScience-V50_N6_June2015.gif
6/1/2015/hla/Publication Library/Lopez/HortScience_50_6_830-838_June2015.pdfGerovac, J.R., R.G. Lopez, and N.S. Mattson16 KB HortScience-V50_N6_June2015.gifHortScience-V50_N6_June2015
Cover of Hort Science, Vol. 50, Num. 5, May 2015End-of-production Supplemental Lighting with Red and Blue Light-emitting Diodes (LEDs) Influences Red Pigmentation of Four Lettuce Varieties143 x 193HortScienceV50N5_052015.jpg
5/1/2015/hla/Publication Library/Lopez/HortScience_50-5_676_684_May2015.pdfOwen, W.G. and R.G. Lopez28 KB HortScienceV50N5_052015.jpgHortScienceV50N5_052015
Paclobutrazol pre-plant bulb dips effectively control height of ‘Nellie White’ easter lilies143 x 193horttechnology_apr2010.jpg
4/1/2010, C.J. and R.G. Lopez15 KB horttechnology_apr2010.jpghorttechnology_apr2010
Substrate Drenches Containing Flurprimidol Suppress Height of ‘Nellie White’ Easter Lilies143 x 193HortTechnology_april2012.jpg
4/1/2012, C.J., R.G. Lopez, B.A. Krug, I. McCall, and B.E. Whipker20 KB HortTechnology_april2012.jpgHortTechnology_april2012
Growth and Development of ‘Eckespoint Classic Red’ Poinsettia in Biodegradable and Compostable Containers143 x 193horttechnology_aug2011.jpg
8/1/2011, R.G. and D.M. Camberato15 KB horttechnology_aug2011.jpghorttechnology_aug2011
Floriculture Sustainability Research Coalition: Bringing the Latest Sustainability Research to the Industry143 x 193horttechnology_dec2011.jpg
12/1/2011, S., N. Mattson, B. Krug, and R. Lopez13 KB horttechnology_dec2011.jpghorttechnology_dec2011
Creative Thinking, Creative Funding:  Research, Extension, and Teaching Programs and Consortiums -- The 2013 National Floriculture Forum143 x 193HortTechnology_Dec2013.jpg
12/1/2013/hla/Publication Library/Lopez/HortTech_Workshop_794.full.pdfPaparozzi, E.T., N. Mattson, M. Grossman, S. Burnett, and R.G. Lopez19 KB HortTechnology_Dec2013.jpgHortTechnology_Dec2013
Early flurprimidol drench applications suppress final height of four poinsettia143 x 193horttechnology_feb2011.jpg
2/1/2011,%202011%20HortTech.pdfCurrey, C.J. and R.G. Lopez13 KB horttechnology_feb2011.jpghorttechnology_feb2011
Leaching volume effects on pH and electrical conductivity measurements in containers obtained using the pour-through method143 x 193horttechnology_jun2010.jpg
6/1/2010, A.P., M.V. Mickelbart, and R.G. Lopez15 KB horttechnology_jun2010.jpghorttechnology_jun2010
Plant growth retardant drench efficacy is not affected by substrate containing parboiled rice hulls143 x 193horttechnology_oct2010.jpg
10/1/2010, C.J., D.M. Camberato, A.P. Torres, and R.G. Lopez17 KB horttechnology_oct2010.jpghorttechnology_oct2010
Cover of Hort Technology, Vol. 24, Num. 5, October 2014Finishing Bedding Plants: A Comparison of an Unheated High Tunnel versus a Heated Greenhouse in Two Geographic Locations143 x 193HortTechnology_V24-5_Oct2014.jpg
10/1/2014/hla/Publication Library/Lopez/HortTechnology_24-5_Oct2014.pdfCurrey, C.J., R.G. Lopez, and N.S. Mattson20 KB HortTechnology_V24-5_Oct2014.jpgHortTechnology_V24-5_Oct2014
cover photo of Proceedings of the Seventh Internatinal Symposium on New Floriculture CropsThe Quality Index:  A New Tool for Integrating Quantitative Measurement to Assess Quality of Young Floriculture Plants134 x 193ISHS_1000_July_2013.jpg
7/15/2013/hla/Publication%20Library/Lopez/Quality_Index.pdfCurry, C.J., A.P. Torres, R.G. Lopez, and D.F. Jacobs70 KB ISHS_1000_July_2013.jpgISHS_1000_July_2013
Flurprimidol Preplant Bulb Soaks Control Growth of Potted Liliums143 x 193ISHS_2011.jpg
1/1/2011,%202011%20Acta.pdfWhipker, B., I. McCall, J. Barnes, W. Buhler, B. Krug, C. Currey, and R. Lopez.16 KB ISHS_2011.jpgISHS_2011
Propagation and production of Zamioculcas zamiifolia143 x 193ISHS_mar2009.jpg
3/1/2009, R.G., M.G. Blanchard, and E.S. Runkle17 KB ISHS_mar2009.jpgISHS_mar2009
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