Direct Marketers

This section is for fruit and vegetable farmers who sell direct to the final consumer at farm stands, farmers markets, through Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), or other arrangements. Learn about and adopt good agricultural practices that fit your operation. Whether your farm is small or large, grows one or many crops, sells strictly at markets, or has u-pick on the farm, there are practical ways to reduce the risk of selling contaminated produce.

The first step is to learn about risks and recommended practices.

Then, take that information back to the farm and assess your operation from head to toe. Identify what you need to change, make a plan, and follow through. Stay informed so that your farm can stay current with best practices as new information and technology become available. Food safety is just like production techniques, pest management, and marketing methods: you need to adjust all of these practices regularly to improve the farm.

To learn more, explore the resources below or the resources and FAQ's from the Topics menu.

Food Safety for Fruit and Vegetable Farms: Good Agricultural Practices for Fruit and Vegetable Farms, from Purdue University and University of Illinois

Food Safety Decision Tree, from the National GAPs Program