Farm History and Site Considerations

farm historyPast land use and land use in the surrounding area can pose food safety risks for fruit or vegetable operations.

The first step in assessing this risk is to learn about the land’s history (if it’s not already known), and about activities on adjacent and nearby properties. When reviewing land history, producers should pay attention to a number of concerns, including the presence of pesticide residues and chemical contaminants (whether from intentional applications or from accidental introduction by floodwaters or other means); the presence of livestock or wildlife; the application of manure and biosolids; and the contamination with raw sewage, either directly or via floodwaters.

Concerns about surrounding areas include operations that apply materials that could contaminate the production area (such as pesticides and manure), and sites from which contaminants may be moved onto production areas by wind, water, animals, or equipment.

Use the resources below to learn how to identify, assess, and minimize food safety risks related to farm history and site.​



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Kansas State Food-A-Syst: A Food Safety Risk Management Guide for the ProducerKansas State UniversityLink
Farm Food Safety Decision Tree ProjectCornellLink