Laws, Rules, and Regulations

Federal, state and local governments regulate food safety.

field​At the federal level, the U.S. Food and Drug Agency (FDA) is responsible for laws and regulations related to the safety of fresh fruits and vegetables. Prior to the Food Safety Modernization Act of 2011 (FSMA), fresh, unprocessed fruits and vegetables were exempt from many food safety regulations because they are considered raw agricultural products. FSMA gave the FDA new authority and responsibility over fresh fruits and vegetables. As new FSMA-authorized regulations are developed and implemented, requirements for fruit and vegetable farmers will change. Growers will need to learn about the new rules and how to implement them in order to remain in business.

State departments of health typically handle food safety regulations and enforcement on a state level, and often represent the FDA within the state. States may have more restrictive rules than the FDA. As FSMA regulations are implemented, expect that state regulations may change as well, and make plans to stay informed.

County, city, and other local health departments may also regulate fresh fruits and vegetables in the interests of food safety.

The resources below provide additional information about FSMA, and state and local regulations. Every farm should take time to figure out which rules apply, and how to meet the requirements of the regulations.​ 

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Food Safety Modernization Act - Preventive Controls for Human FoodlinkFDA
Food Safety Modernization Act - Produce Safety RulelinkFDA
ISDH Fact Sheet for the Food Safety Initiative for Wholesale Produce Farms in Indiana pdfISDH
ISDH Final Guidance on Whole Uncut Fresh Produce Storage and DistributionpdfIndiana State Department of Health
ISDH Form 55150 - Registration Application for Wholesale Fruit and Vegetable Growers and DistributorslinkIndiana State Department of Health
Produce Safety Alliance Resources ListLinkProduce Safety Alliance
State Requirements by Market for Products of Non-Animal Origin [Indiana]LinkIndiana State Dept. of Health
Food Safety Regulations for Farmers’ MarketspdfPurdue University
Ezregs - Illinois RegulationsLinkUniversity of Illinois
FDA Guidance Documents for Produce SafetyLinkFDA
Food Processing Environmental Assistance Center - State RegluationsLinkPurdue University
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Certified Livestock Managers TraininglinkUniversity of Illinois
Confined Feeding Operations (CFOs/CAFOs)linkIndiana Department of Environmental Management
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Solid Manure Staging (Indiana)pdfIndiana Department of Environmental Management
Composting Permits from Indiana CodeLinkIndiana Department of Environmental Management
EPA Biosolids RuleLinkEPA
Fertilizer Applicator Certification Rule (Indiana)LinkIndiana State Chemist and Seed Commissioner
Land Application rules from Indiana Administrative CodepdfIndiana Department of Environmental Management