Storage an​d Transport

During storage and transport it is important to prevent contamination of produce and manage temperature and humidity to maintain produce quality and minimize pathogen growth.

To prevent contamination:
  • Clean and sanitize storage areas and transport vehicles regularly
  • Keep produce containers off the floor, on pallets or shelves
  • Separate hazardous chemicals from produce 
  • Keep pests out: monitor for pests and control if necessary
 To maintain produce quality:
  • Set temperature in storage at recommended levels for the product 
  • Keep relative humidity at recommended levels for the product​
  • Monitor temperature and relative humidity 
  • Control temperature during transport 
The resources below provide more information about storing and transporting produce. Use the information to learn about the risks, assess an operation, and identify changes that will reduce risk.
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Basic Elements of Equipment Cleaning and Sanitizing in Food Processing and Handling OperationsUniv. of Florida
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