collapse Program/Workshop : Focus on Peppers ‎(3)
Pepper Insect Management in 2015Rick FosterPurdue UniversityFoster_PepperInsects
Pepper BMPs:  My Experience Ron GoldyMichigan State Universitygoldy_PepperBMPs
Transplant Tray Cells -Does Size Matter?Ron GoldyMichigan State Universitygoldy_PepperTransplant
collapse Program/Workshop : Food Safety Focus on Cantaloupe ‎(11)
0 Development of a Sanitizing Treatment to Improve Safety and Quality of Indiana CantaloupeKevin KeenerPurdue UniversityKeener_SanitizingProcessforCantaloupe
1 Cantaloupe GAPs - IntroductionEllen Phillips1 2015 C-GAPs Intro-17
2 Cantaloupe GAPs - Microbes and TreatmentsKevin KeenerPurdue University2 2015 C-GAPs Microbes and treatment methods 43
3 Cantaloupe GAPs - Traceability, Food Safety Plans, and AuditsEllen Phillips3 2015 C-GAPs traceability food-safety-plan and audit 40
4 Cantaloupe GAPs - Health and HygieneLiz MaynardPurdue University4 2015 C-GAPs HealthHygiene 21
5 Cantaloupe GAPs - Site Selection and Soil AmendmentsEllen Phillips5 2015 C-GAPs Soil Amendments - manure and compost 36
6 Cantaloupe GAPs - Water in Field and Packing ShedLiz MaynardPurdue University6 2015 C-GAPs-Water 42-A
7 Cantaloupe GAPs - Sanitation for Field, Packing Shed and TransportScott MonroePurdue University7 2015 C-GAPs Harvest and Transport 41v2
H1 GAPs Resource Handout(handout at program)GAPsResourceHandout
H2 Sanitizers Approved for Wash or Process Water(handout at program)SanitizersApprovedforWashorProcessWatertwopagesAJD
H3 Preparing for an Audit(handout at program)PreparingforanAuditPurdueMonroe
collapse Program/Workshop : Food Safety for Fresh Fruits and Vegetables ‎(3)
01 Federal Food Safety Regulations for Farms and Packinghouses: Where Are We?Manpreet SinghPurdue UniversitySingh_FSMAUpdate
02 ISDH Produce Safety Initiative: A Review of 2014Jennifer Coleman and JoAnna BeckIndiana State Department of HealthColeman_ISDH_ProduceSafetyInitiativeReview2014
03 Fresh Produce Safety - North Carolina ResearchChris GunterNorth Carolina State UniversityGunter_FreshProduceSafetyNCResearch
collapse Program/Workshop : High Tunnels ‎(1)
Winter Environments inHigh TunnelsLiz MaynardPurdue Universitymaynard_HT_ENV_WINTER_IHC2015
collapse Program/Workshop : Talking with Customers About GMO Crops & Organic Farming ‎(4)
Communicating with ConsumersBeth ForbesPurdue Universityforbes_CommBestPractices
Answering Consumers' Questions About AgricultureSteve HallettPurdue Universityhallett_Hort Congress 2015
Talking with Customers About GMO Crops & Organic FarmingLiz MaynardPurdue UniversityTalkingwithCustomers
Talking with Customers about GMOs, Organic, and More - ResourcesResource List HandoutPurdue UniversityTalkingwithCustomersResources
collapse Program/Workshop : Vegetable Pest Management ‎(3)
Sweet Corn Insect Management UpdateRick FosterPurdue UniversityFoster_SweetCorn
Potential Impact of Neonicotinoid Insecticides on Honey Bees in Muskmelon ProductionKira NixonPurdue UniversityKNixon_NeonicotinoidsCantaloupeIHC2015
New Herbicide Resistant Crops and WeedsStephen C. WellerPurdue Universityweller_herbicide-resist-crops-and weeds