Indiana Horticultural Congress 2016 - Selected Presentations

collapse Program/Workshop : Focus on Pumpkins ‎(6)
01 Pumpkin 101Wenjing GuanPurdue UniversityGuan_Pumpkin_IHC2016b
02 Disease ManagementDan EgelPurdue UniversityEgel_PumpkinDIsease_IHC2016b
03 Insect ManagementRick FosterPurdue UniversityFoster_PumpkinInsect_IHC2016b
04 Weed ManagementNathan JohanningUniversity of Illinois Extension, Murphyboro, ILJohanning_PumpkinWeedMgmt_IHC2016b
05 Pumpkin Pollinators and the Effects of LandscapeJessica PetersenRoanoke College, Salem, VA Petersen_PumpkinPollinator_IHC2016b
06 No-till Pumpkins with Cover Crops: Experiences from Southern IllinoisNathan JohanningUniversity of Illinois Extension, Murphyboro, ILJohanning_No-tillPumpkin_IHC2016d
collapse Program/Workshop : Food Safety ‎(1)
01 Development of a Sanitizing Treatment to Improve Safety and Quality of Indiana CantaloupeKevin KeenerIowa State UniversityKeener_Cantaloupe_IHC2016c
collapse Program/Workshop : Fresh Vegetables ‎(4)
1 Sweet Corn Insect Management Rick FosterPurdue UniversityFoster_SweetCornIHC2016c
1 Sweet Corn Insect Management - Spray Coverage VideoRick FosterPurdue UniversitySweetCornSprayCoverage
2 Indiana Cucurbit Growers' Experiences with Phytophthora BlightDan EgelPurdue UniversityEgel_Phytophthora_IHC2016e
3 Progress and Challenges in Managing Phytophthora Fruit Rot of WatermelonChandrasekar S KousikUSDA-Agricultural Research Service, Charleston, SC Kousik_Phytophthora_IHC2016d
collapse Program/Workshop : High Tunnel Production ‎(7)
01 Specialty Pepper VarietiesLiz MaynardPurdue UniversityMaynard_SpecialtyPeppersinHighTunnels_IHC2016d
02 Strawberry VarietiesWenjing GuanPurdue UniversityGuan_Strawberries_IHC2016b
03 Cucumber VarietiesDan EgelPurdue UniversityEgel_Cucumber_IHC2016c
04 Biological Control in High Tunnels Laura IngwellPurdue UniversityIngwell_Biocontrol_IHC2016b
05 Soil vs. Soilless for High Tunnel Production Petrus LangenhovenPurdue University Langenhoven_SoilvsSoilless_IHC2016c
06 Water Catchment and Drainage Management in High Tunnels Lyndon KelleyPurdue and Michigan State University Extension Kelley_DrainageWater_IHC2016c
07 High Tunnel Grower Panel DiscussionMelanie Ellis, Whitney Horrall, Nate Parks, Vernon Stuckwish, Bud VogtMelon Acres, Silverthorn Farm, Stuckwish Family Farms, Bud's Farm MarketHigh Tunnel Grower Panel Discussion_IHC2016b
collapse Program/Workshop : Vegetable Grafting Workshop ‎(4)
01 Role of Vegetable Grafting in Your Production SystemWenjing GuanPurdue UniversityGuan_RolesofGrafting_IHC2016b
02 Optimum and Limiting Conditions for Tomato Top-grafting, and Field Trials of Grafted Plants in IndianaSteve HallettPurdue UniversityHallett_TomGrafting_IHC2016
03 Tomato Grafting from a Grower’s Perspective Nate ParksSilverthorn FarmParks_Grafting_IHC2016b
04 Tomato Grafting TechniquesWenjing GuanPurdue UniversityGuan_TomatoGraftingTechniques_IHC2016b
collapse Program/Workshop : We're From the Government and We're Here to Help You ‎(4)
02 Farm Service Agency Loans and Crop Insurance OptionsJacob MaxwellUSDA Indiana FSA, Indianapolis Maxwell_FSA_IHC2016b
03 Risk Management Agency: Whole Farm Revenue and Crop Insurance OptionsJennifer DammermanUSDA RiMA, Springfield, IL RMA Crop Insurance
04 High Tunnel, Conservation, and Other Grants from NRCSRuth Hackman and Tony BaileyUSDA NRCSHackman_NRCS_IHC2016e
05 Grow Your Customer Base and Revenues With a Value Added Producer GrantMark BeckmanUSDA Rural DevelopmentBeckman_ValueAddedProducerGrant_IHC2016b