Indiana Horticultural Congress 2017 - Selected Presentations

collapse Program/Workshop : Controlled Environment Agriculture ‎(4)
01 Optimizing the Value of Supplemental LightingMark van IerselUniversity of GeorgiaOptimizing the value of supplemental lighting_Marc van Iersel
02 Monitoring Supplemental Light Use Efficiency using Remote SensingKrishna NemaliPurdue UniversityMonitoring Supplemental Light Use Efficiency using Remote Sensing_Krishna Nemali
03 CO2 Enrichment in Crop ProductionSam BurgnerPurdue UniversityBurgner_CO2 Enrichment_IHC2017
04 Reducing Energy Costs Associated with Supplemental Lighting in CEACary MitchellPurdue UniversityReducing energy costs associated with supplemental lighting in CEA_Cary A Mitchell
collapse Program/Workshop : Fresh Market Vegetables ‎(7)
01 Nutrient Managment for Veg Crops: Plant Nutrients and Fertilizer SourcesWenjing Guan,  Liz Maynard, Petrus LangenhovenPurdue UniversityLangenhoven_Maynard_Guan_NutritionMgt_IHC2017
02 Nutrient Management for Veg Crops: Diagnostic Tools Petrus Langenhoven, Liz Maynard, Wenjing GuanPurdue UniversityLangenhoven_NutritionMgt_IHC2017
03 Nutrient Management for Veg Crops: Putting Together a PlanLiz Maynard, Wenjing Guan, Petrus LangenhovenPurdue UniversityMaynard_VegMinNutPlan_IHC2017
04 Cover Crops in Vegetables: Lessons from a Farmer and a Technician from SW MichiganColleen Forestieri, George McManusVan Buren Co. Conservation District, Mich. and L.H. Piggott 7 GirlsForestieri_McManusCoverCrops_IHC2017
05 Bird Identification & BehaviorBrian MacGowanPurdue UniversityMacGowan_birdID_IHC2017
06 Sweet Corn Bird ManagementLee HumbergUSDA APHIS Wildlife ServicesHumberg_BirdMgt_IHC2017
07 Understanding Herbicide Injury in Vegetable Crops and Labels 2017Steve WellerPurdue UniversityWeller_UnderstandingHerbicide_IHC2017
collapse Program/Workshop : High Tunnel Production and Alternative Crops ‎(10)
01 Hoosier Farmers & High Tunnel Production James Farmer, Analena Bruce, Liz MaynardIndiana University and Purdue UniversityFarmer_HoosierFarmer_IHC2017
02 Growing Strawberries in TunnelsWenjing GuanPurdue UniversityGuan_strawberry_IHC2017
03 Growing Cantaloupes in High TunnelsPetrus LangenhovenPurdue UniversityLangenhoven_GrowingCantaloupes_IHC2017
04 Growing Cucumbers in High TunnelsWenjing GuanPurdue UniversityGuan_cucumbers_IHC2017
05 High Tunnel Cucumber Beetle ManagementLaura IngwellPurdue UniversityIngwell_cucumberbeetle_IHC2017
06 Winter Production in High TunnelsMichael O'Donnell, Liz Maynard, and David RobbPurdue Extension, Purdue University, Eden Prairie Farm6 Odonnell_WinterProdHighTunnel_IHC2017
07 Producing Garlic in the Great Lakes RegionRon GoldyMichigan State UniversityGoldy_Producinggarlic_IHC2017
08 My Experiences with High Tunnel TomatoesRon GoldyMichigan State UniversityGoldy_Indianatunnels_IHC2017
09 Trials With Support Systems & Potassium Fertilization for Tomatoes in High TunnelsLiz MaynardPurdue University Maynard_SupportPotassHTTomatoes_IHC2017-lg
10 Tomato High Tunnel Disease Management/Sprayer Calibration Dan EgelPurdue UniversityEgel_tomatodisease_IHC2017
collapse Program/Workshop : Hydroponics ‎(5)
01 Basics of Soilless Crop Production SystemsPetrus LangenhovenPurdue UniversityLangenhoven_soillesscrop_IHC2017
02 Characteristics of Soilless SubstratesPetrus LangenhovenPurdue UniversityLangenhoven_Characteristics_Soilless_IHC2017
04 Forms of Nitrogen FertilizerKrishna NemaliPurdue UniversityForms of Nitrogen Fertilizer_Krishna Nemali
05 Developing and Implementing a Fertilizer ProgramMarc van IerselUniversity of GeorgiavanIersel_fertilizer program_IHC2017
06 Irrigation and Fertigation ControlMarc van IerselUniversity of GeorgiaIrrigation and Fertigation Control_Marc van Iersel