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Irrigation and Water Management

Irrigation and Water Management​

General Irrigation Information

​Midwest Vegetable Production Guide (ID-56) - Irrigation Section (pdf)

Basics of Vegetable Crop Irrigation (Auburn University) (html)

Offsetting Drought for Small-Scale Vegetable Production (NC State University) (pdf)

Sprinkler Irrigation Systems MWPS-30 (order form for hard copy)

Water Conservation Web Site - Publications (University of Florida)

Links to numerous bulletins on irrigation covering terminology, design, equipment, maintenance and scheduling. Some information is specific to Florida soils and weather, but much is of use in a wider geographical area. A couple of publications with particular reference to vegetables:

For information about applying fertilizers or pesticides through an irrigation system, see the links for Soil Fertility and Pest Management on the main Vegetable page.

Drip Irrigation

Drip Irrigaton for Vegetables (Kansas State University) (pdf) 

Maintaining Drip Irrigation Systems (Kansas State University) (pdf) ​

Irrigation Scheduling Software

This software program calculates irrigation water needs for corn, soybean, established alfalfa, dry bean, and potato. Inputs include soil and crop information and daily temperatures and rainfall. 

​Safety and Enviromental Issues

Plugging Abandoned Water Wells: A Landowner's Guide (WQ-21) (pdf)

Other Irrigation Links