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Purdue Fruit and Vegetable Connection

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Purdue Fruit and Vegetable Connection

Welcome to the Purdue Fruit and Vegetable information page. Our goal is to get the most up to date and appropriate information in the hands of those who use it, the commercial fruit and vegetable producers of Indiana.

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Agricultures Magazine: Through the Grapevine - Through the Grapevine gives you the insider's eye on Indiana grapes and wines.  Follow this multimedia series, updated each Tuesday, and explore a host of viticulture and enology topics.


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Where to Find Stuff 

  • For production information on particular crops look under the Fruit or Vegetable links above, and explore the NewCROP Web site.

  • Good Agricultural Practices and other Food Safety information is at the Food Safety for Fresh Fruits and Vegetables site

  • To contact a Purdue Fruit or Vegetable Specialist look under the People link.

  • To learn about twilight meetings, winter educational programs or trade show opportunities, check out the Events link. Last updated 03/15/12

  • Access Facts for Fancy Fruit and Vegetable Crops Hotline newsletters and those from other states under the Newsletters link.

  • To join e-mail discussion groups, sign up under the Mail Lists li​nk.

  • Find Purdue Extension bulletins and spray guides under the Bulletins and Publications link.

  • Still looking? Check out the Links page to find other Purdue Departments​, Universities, Federal and State Government, and Associations.