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FruitVeg Mail List

The Fruitveg mail list has been established to allow Indiana fruit and vegetable growers, and farm marketers to interact with each other electronically. We envision growers and marketers using this forum for free and open exchange of information and ideas. We also feel that the mail list can be used to coordinate group purchases of equipment and supplies, and as a forum to buy and sell produce and used equipment and supplies. However, we believe that advertising by commercial vendors is not appropriate use of the mail group. While we do not intend to moderate the list, we will keep an eye on the activity. We will not allow personal vendettas, inflammatory comments or other inappropriate use of the list.

If you subscribe to the mail list, each message that is sent to the list will be forwarded to you as a separate e-mail message. For example, if there are 5 messages sent to the list in one day, you will receive 5 e-mails from fruitveg that day. Subscribe to the mailing list using this option if you want to receive messages as soon as they are posted.

If you subscribe to the mailing list digest, all messages received by the list in one day will be combined into one e-mail message and sent to you periodically. If there are 5 messages sent to the list in one day, you will receive one e-mail containing all 5 messages. Subscribe to the mail list using this option if you prefer to receive fewer separate e-mail messages.

To subscribe to the digest, look for the following line just above the 'Subscribe' button.

"Would you like to receive list mail batched in a daily digest?"​​​