We recommend the following information sources about lettuce.
collapse General Production Information
Lettuce (Center for Crop Diversification)

Midwest Vegetable Production Guide (ID-56)

collapse Insect Pests and their Management
Vegetable Insect Identification (E-65-W) (pdf)

collapse Diseases and their Management
Vegetable MD Online - Leafy Vegetable Fact Sheets (Cornell University) (Web site) Includes: Nematodes, Viruses.

collapse Post Harvest Handling
Postharvest Handling Systems: flower, leafy and stem vegetables (UC Davis) (html)

Produce Facts - Lettuce, Crisphead (UC Davis) (html)

Produce Facts - Lettuce, Romaine (UC Davis) (html)

collapse Economics and Marketing
Leafy Greens: The Foundation of the Vegetable Industry Agricultural Outlook/February 1998

Lettuce: In and Out of the Bag Agricultural Outlook/April 2001 (pdf)

Recent Changes in Marketing and Trade Practices in the U.S. Lettuce and Fresh-Cut Vegetable Industries ERS Electronic Agriculture Information Bulletin No. 767. 19pp, May 2001 (Web site)

The Lettuce and Fresh-Cut Vegetable Industries: Marketing Channels, Sales, Arrangements, Fees, and Services Vegetables and Specialties Situation and Outlook/VGS-283/April 2001 (pdf)

USDA Grade Standards - Dandelion Greens (pdf)

USDA Grade Standards - Endive, Escarole and Chicory (pdf)

USDA Grade Standards - Field Grown Leaf Lettuce (pdf)

USDA Grade Standards - Greenhouse Leaf Lettuce pdf)

USDA Grade Standards - Lettuce (pdf)

USDA Grade Standards - Romaine (pdf)

USDA-Economic Research Service: Vegetable and Pulses (Web site)

collapse Greenhouse Production
A Handbook for the Production of CEA-grown Hydroponic Lettuce (Cornell University) (pdf)

collapse Organizations
British Leafy Salads Association (Web site)

Lettuce Links from HORT 410, Vegetable Crops Course at Purdue

collapse Other Links
Search all Cooperative Extension sites for resources (eXtension.org)