Sweet Corn

We recommend the following information sources about sweet corn.


collapse General Production Information
Midwest Vegetable Production Guide (ID-56)

Midwest Vegetable Production Guide (ID-56) - Sweet Corn Section (pdf)

Sweet Corn (The Ohio State University) (pdf)

Sweet Corn 101 (The Ohio State University) (Web site with on-line slide shows) Topics: variety selection, irrigation, early production, insect and weed management.

Vegetable Production Guide for Commercial Growers (ID-36) (University of Kentucky) (pdf)

collapse Insect Pests and their Management
Common Vegetable Insects (E-88) (pdf)

Corn Earworm (E-31-W) (pdf)

Flea Beetles (E-74-W) (pdf)

Managing Insects in Commercially Grown Sweet Corn (E-98) (pdf)

Sweet Corn Insect ID Web Site at Purdue Entomology

Sweet Corn Pest Identification and Management (ID-405) (pdf 3.4 MB)

Vegetable Insect Identification (E-65-W) (pdf)

collapse Diseases and their Management
Sweet Corn Disease Nursery (University of Illinois) (Web site)

Vegetable MD Online - Sweet Corn Fact Sheets (Cornell University) (Web site)

collapse Post Harvest Handling
Illustrated Guides to Grading Vegetables - Sweet Corn (html)

Produce Facts - Sweet Corn (UC Davis) (html)

collapse Economics and Marketing
2002 MSU Sweet Corn Budget for above paper (Michigan State University) (xls)

Cost of Fresh Market Sweet Corn Production in Monroe County, Michigan (Staff Paper 2002-40) (Michigan State University) (pdf)

How Sweet It Is: Fresh Sweet Corn: Agricultural Outlook/August 2001 (pdf)

Kentucky Vegetable Production Budgets (University of Kentucky) (pdf)

USDA Grade Standards - Fresh Market (pdf)

USDA Grade Standards - Processing (pdf)

USDA-Economic Research Service: Vegetable and Melon Briefing Room (Web site)

collapse Research Reports
Purdue Sweet Corn Research Reports

Research Reports from The Ohio State University (Web site) Variety trials

Sweet Corn Disease Nursery (University of Illinois) (Web site)

collapse Other Links
Corn Growers' Guidebook (Kingcorn.org) (Web site)

Search for "sweet corn" on Purdue Web pages

Search for articles in the Corn Growers' Guidebook

Sweet Corn Links from HORT 410, Vegetable Crops Course at Purdue

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