We recommend the following information sources about tomatoes.

collapse General Production Information
Midwest Vegetable Production Guide (ID-56)

Midwest Vegetable Production Guide (ID-56) - Tomato Section (pdf)

Processing Tomato Crop Profile (pdf)

Tomato Support Systems (html)

Tomatoes (University of Kentucky) (pdf)

Tomatoes: Fresh Market and Processing (The Ohio State University) (pdf)

collapse Insect Pests and their Management
Common Vegetable Insects (E-88) (pdf)

Management of Insect Pests on Fresh Market Tomatoes (E-97-W) (pdf)

Pest Control in Tomatoes for Processing (PPP-101) (pdf)

Tomato Insect ID Web Site at Purdue Entomology

Vegetable Insect Identification (E-65-W) (pdf)

collapse Diseases and their Management
Bacterial Canker of Tomato (BP-14) (html)

Pest Control in Tomatoes for Processing (pdf)

Pesticide Use on Processing Tomatoes Grown in Indiana (ID-193) (pdf)

Preventing Seedling Diseases in the Greenhouse (BP-61) (html)

Tomato Fungicide Guide for Indiana 2011 and Tomato Management Time Line (BP-136-W) (pdf)

Vegetable Diseases: Tomato Disease Management in Greenhouses (BP-197-W) (pdf)

Vegetable Grafting Resources

Vegetable MD Online - Tomato Fact Sheets (Cornell University) (Web site)

collapse Nutritional Disorders and their Management
Blossom End Rot in Tomatoes (University of Massachusetts) (pdf)

Blossom End Rot of Tomato Fruit (BP-13) (html)

Tomato Color Disorders (The Ohio State University) (Web site)

collapse Post Harvest Handling
Guide to Minimize Microbial Food Safety Hazards of Tomatoes; Draft Guidance (FDA) (html)

Illustrated Guides to Grading Vegetables - Tomato (html)

Produce Facts - Tomato (UC Davis) (html)

collapse Economics and Marketing
2002 MSU Processing Tomato Budget for above paper (Michigan State University) (xls)

Cost of Processing Tomato Production in Monroe County, Michigan (Staff Paper 2002-41) (Michigan State University) (pdf)

Factors Affecting Tomato Consumption in the United States Vegetables and Specialties/VGS-282/November 2000 (pdf)

Kentucky Vegetable Production Budgets (University of Kentucky) (Web site)

North American Greenhouse Tomatoes Emerge as a Major Market Force (html)

USDA Grade Standards - Fresh Market (pdf)

USDA Grade Standards - Fresh Market, Greenhouse-grown (pdf)

USDA Grade Standards - Fresh Market, on-the-Vine (pdf)

USDA Grade Standards - Green for Processing (pdf)

USDA Grade Standards - Italian Type for Canning (pdf)

USDA Grade Standards - Processing (pdf)

USDA-Economic Research Service: Tomato Briefing Room (USDA) (Web site)

collapse Greenhouse Production
Greenhouse Tomato Web Site (Mississippi State University)

Greenhouse Tomatoes (The Ohio State University) (pdf)

High Tunnels for Growers ( (University of Missouri)

Hydroponic Tomato Production Web Site (The Ohio State University)

collapse Research Reports
Purdue Tomato Research Reports

Research Reports from The Ohio State University (Web site) Specialty tomato varieties, stink bug control, organic and inorganic mulches

collapse Organizations
British Tomato Growers' Association

California Tomato Growers' Association

Florida Tomato Committee

collapse Other Links
Search for "tomato" on Purdue Web pages

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