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Weed Management

Midwest Vegetable Production Guide (ID-56)​

Weed Management Strategies  (pdf) (includes table of rotation restrictions for corn and soybean herbicides)
Herbicide Effectiveness Guide (pdf) 
Preharvest Intervals and Restricted Entry Intervals for Herbicides (pdf
Common Names of Registered Herbicides (pdf

(Bull. 888-00) (The Ohio State Univ.) (html)

Vegetable Farmers and their Weed Control Machines (Univs. of Vermont and Mass.)

This video shows farmers talking about cultivation and flaming equipment they use in vegetable production and shows the equipment in action. Implements to remove weeds from the edge of plastic are shown. The video can be viewed on-line with a fast internet connection, or can be ordered in tape format.

Purdue Weed Science (Web Site)

Herbicide Application

Reducing Spray Drift (Bull. 816-00) (The Ohio State Univ.) html

Herbicide Information

Herbicide Mode-of-Action Summary (WS-23-W) (html) (pdf)
Herbicide Injury Symptoms (NC State Univ.) (html)

Illinois Agricultural Pest Management Handbook (Univ. of Illinois)

Toxicity of Herbicides (pdf)
Factors Affecting Herbicide Persistence and Testing fo​r Residues in Soil (pdf)
Weed Resistance to Herbicides (pdf)

How Herbicides Work (Univ. of Illinois) (pdf)

Weed Identification

Weed Identification (University of Illinois) (Web site)

Key to 172 broadleaf and grass weeds; includes photos.

Common Weed Seedlings of Michigan (E-1363) (Michigan State Univ.) (html)

Dichotomous key to seedling broadleaf and grass weeds with photos of seedlings, important features for identification, and often a plant at a later stage of vegetative growth or in bloom.

Weed Identification Guide (Virginia Tech.) (Web site)

Photos and descriptions of weeds at the seedling, vegetative and flowering stages; key to grass weeds.

Missouri Weeds (Univ. of Missouri) (Web site)

Photos of weeds in various growth stages with descriptions of key characters.

Annual Broadleaf Weed Identification (NCR Pub. 90) (Univ. of Minn.) (html)
Weed Seedling Identification (Univ. of Minn.) (html)
Weed Fact Sheets from Pennsylvania State University (Cornell Univ.) Index of pdf files.
Pigweed Identification Guide (Kansas State Univ.) (pdf)

Weeds of the North Central States (NCR Res. Pub. 281 and UIUC Bull. 772) (html)

Botanical descriptions and line drawings of weeds in the North Central Region. This is an on-line version of the print publication.

Early Spring Weeds of No-Till Crop Production (Univ. of Missouri) (html)Available in print and pdf formats, this 24-page publication includes photos of weeds, brief descriptions, and an identification key.
Invasive and Exotic Weeds (USDA and Univ. of Georgia)Photos of weeds.

N.J. Agricultural Weed Gallery (Rutgers) (Web site)

Photos of weeds, typically an established plant or flower in the field; indexed by common and Latin name; includes an index of thumbnail images.

Additional Resources