Threshing and Shelling

Single Ear Corn Sheller_web

Agriculex Single Ear Corn Sheller

Three units available for shelling a single ear of corn at a time



Small batch corn shelling unit for single ears or bulk samples with cob conveyor and seed transfer system; utilizes rubber belt for minimal seed damage

Belt Thresher_web

ALMACO BT-14 Belt Thresher

Three threshing units for use on sorghum, soybean and other small podded grains or heads of grains

Plot Thresher_web

ALMACO SVBT Plot Thresher

Three threshing units for use on sorghum and small grains


Leaf Area Index_web

Li-Cor Leaf Area Index

Used for calculating total leaf area of a plant

Root Scanner_web

WinRHIZO Root Scanner

An image analysis system specifically designed for root measurement in different forms: morphology (i.e. length, area, volume), topology, architecture, color analysis

Portable Seed Lab_web

ALMACO Portable Seed Lab

An economical alternative to a small plot combine when used with threshing equipment; portable lab for testing threshed seed with multiple options for data testing and collection

Ear Photometry_web

DuPont Pioneer Ear Photometry

Corn ear imaging box used to quantify yield with approximately 30 different ear and kernel measurements

3D Scanner_web

Go!Scan 3D Scanner

Two scanners are suited to scan small to large objects quickly and effortlessly; scanning enables replication at different scales using the 3D printer

LiCor 6400_web

LiCor 6400 Portable Photosynthesis System

Two hand-held sensing devices can take rapid and laboratory quality measurements in the field

Dickey John_web

Dickey John Moisture Reader

High-speed moisture reader and test weight scale, also capable of downloading data

Perten NIR

Perten DA 7250 NIR Analyzer

Near-infrared analyzer can determine moisture, protein, ash, starch and many other parameters at high speed with excellent accuracy


Eco Shredder_web

Eco Shredder

Used for grinding plant samples into smaller pieces

Plant Seed Grinder_web

Plant and Seed Grinders

Three grinders to grind seed and plant material to a fine powder for further processing

UDY Grinder_web

UDY Grinders

Two lab sample grinders available for general purpose of a variety of materials

Cleaning and Treating

Seed Boss_web

ALMACO Seed Boss

Process 1-5 lbs of seeds quietly and quickly (30-35 seconds); multiple seed application

Seed Treater_web

ALMACO Seed Treater

Two fully automated seed treaters can treat seed in batch quantities of one to five pounds


Carter Day Aspirator

Cleans and separates small seed samples



Two Wisconsin Ovens to dry plant materials prior to grinding

Seed Pan_web

Seed Pan Screen Shaker

Designed to accept up to ten 12” x 12” screens and one bottom pan for cleaning multiple types of seed


Color Sorter_web

VMEK METRIX Color Sorter

Counts, cleans, and separates product by color and/or shape at a high rate and high accuracy; can be used to measure seed size and diameter


Agriculex Seed Counter

Modular system with air delivery; can count entire seed sample at over 400 seeds/second as well as user-defined subsamples

Old Mill Seed Counter_web

Old Mill Seed Counter

Several seed counters available to count and weigh seed samples


3D Printer_web

Zortrax 3D Printer

3D printer is used to create new UAV mounts and parts and available to our researchers for any other innovative idea

Packet Stake Printer_web

Packet and Stake Printer

High-speed printer used for printing on packets and field stakes