Agency(ies) Title Description Approx. due to ARP*
EPA Building Capacity to Address Environmental Health Issues During Pregnancy  April 19, 2007
Proposals must:
Provide outreach and education on environmental health issues to pregnant women and health care providers
Evaluate the effectiveness of the outreach and education to both audiences.
CSREES Pest Information Platform For Education And Extension  May 1, 2007
Commercial crops that are not covered by catastrophic risk protection crop insurance, Specialty crops, or Underserved commodities
**Concept Notes to determine future requests for funding **
EPA Request for Applications for Alaska Tribal Multi-Media Projects  May 9, 2007
Projects will be selected based on their potential to ameliorate conditions adverse to Tribal health and the Tribal environment.
CSREES Agriculture Risk Management Education Competitive Grants Program  May 10, 2007
This RME Program will fund four regional centers nationwide; and an Electronic Risk Management Education Electronic Support Center (RMEESC)
The Regional RME Centers are expected to address the risk management needs of producers and their families particularly with regard to Production, Price or Marketing, Human Resource, Legal (Including Liability And Environmental), or Financial Risk
CSREES Watershed, Conservation Effects Assessment Project  May 15, 2007
Complete a synthesis of the 13 projects previously funded through the joint competitive grants program to build a knowledge base that can be used to evaluate impacts of conservation practices and programs on water resources, improve the management of agricultural landscapes to achieve environmental goals and inform policy decisions
NC-SARE North Central Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) Program 2007 Call for Pre-Proposals for Professional Development Projects May 18, 2007
Projects that provide training to agricultural professionals and educators in the Cooperative Extension Service (CES), Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), other governmental agencies, and educators in the profit and non-profit sector serving the food and fiber system
CSREES Expert Integrated Pest Management Decision Support System  April 23, 2007
The Expert Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Decision Support System (EIPMDSS) program is to support development of expert systems that help guide, demonstrate and multiply impacts of USDA supported IPM programs
CSREES IR-4, Minor Crop Pest Management  April 23, 2007
FY 2007 IR-4 Program funds four Regional (IR-4) Centers nationwide; and an IR-4 Headquarters (HQ).
USDA USDA Food and Agricultural Sciences National Needs Graduate and Postdoctoral Fellowship Grants Program May 25, 2007
Train students for Master’s and/or doctoral degrees and provide additional postdoctoral training for Fellows who have completed their doctoral degrees at colleges and universities that have demonstrable teaching and research competencies in the food and agricultural sciences
CSREES National Research Initiative - Animal Growth and Nutrient Utilization May 29, 2007
Increase understanding of the biological mechanisms underlying normal animal growth, development of skeletal muscle, lactation, and nutrient digestion and metabolism
EPA, USDA Ecological Impacts from the Interactions of Climate Change, Land Use Change and Invasive Species: A Joint Research Solicitation – EPA, USDA  June 19, 2007
Successful proposals must address how global change factors do all of the following:
Affect the establishment, abundance, and distribution of invasive species, including causing nonnative species to become invasive and the mechanisms by which these changes occur;
Interact with invasive species to create feedbacks that further promote successful biological invasions or trigger threshold responses in linked aquatic-terrestrial ecosystems;
Affect current management of invasive species, such that methods and protocols may need to be altered to protect or restore ecosystem services and integrity
NIH, HHS Development of Animal Models and Related Biological Materials For Research (R21) June & October 9, 2007
Animal Models, Reproductive Biology, Fundamental Biology of Animal Systems, Regenerative Medicine, Animal Disease February 9, 2008
EPA Development and Evaluation of Innovative Approaches for the Quantitative Assessment of Pathogens and Cyanobacteria and Their Toxins in Drinking Water  July 3, 2007
Outputs expected from the research funded under this solicitation include:
High throughput, sensitive technologies that reduce sample processing times and accurately identify and quantify pathogens, ... occurring at low concentrations in water.
Development of rapid analytical approaches that discriminate viable, potential pathogens from non-viable, … 
HHS/NIH Mechanism for Time-Sensitive Research Opportunities (R21) Gran Multiple
    Support substance abuse services research or hazard exposure related research in rapidly evolving areas (e.g., changes in service systems, health care financing, policy, etc) where opportunities for empirical study are, by their very natures, only available through expedited award of support  
*Agency submission deadlines are 1 week following ARP dates