2008 College of Agriculture Distinguished Alumni

Dr. Akinwumi Adesina         
Vice President, Alliance for Green Revolution in Africa                         
The Rockefeller Foundation

Dr. Jeffrey G. Arnold             
Agricultural Engineer and Research Leader             
Natural Resources Systems Research Unit and Grassland,
Soil and Water Research Laboratory                      

Dr. Caula A. Beyl  
Dean of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources                             
University of Tennessee          

Dr. Yonas Gizaw   
Principal Scientist   
Proctor and Gamble Co.        

Mr. Roger W. Hadley, II       
Agricultural Producer, Hadley Farm                        

Mr. David W. Howell            
Owner, Howell Farms            

Dr. Tuajuanda C. Jordan        
Senior Program Officer          
Howard Hughes Medical Institute                           

Dr. Michael R. Kanost           
Professor and Head               
Department of Biochemistry
Kansas State University         

Mr. Roy D. Riggs   
Director, US Cattle Unit         
Elanco Animal Health

Ms. Claire Sawyers
Director, Scott Arboretum of Swarthmore College
Mr. Thomas R. Wiltrout         
General Manager, North America and Europe Seeds, Dow AgroSciences