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College of Agriculture 2006-07
Sponsored Program Awards over $1,000,000


Principal Investigator:           Al Heber

Co-Investigator:                     Richard Grant
Title:                                       “National Air Emissions Monitoring Study”
Sponsor:                                 Agricultural Air Research Council, Inc.
Award Amount:                      $12,903,832


Principal Investigator:           Joan Fulton                  

Co-Investigators:                   Lisa Mauer, Jess Lowenberg-DeBoer, Barry Pittendrigh, Larry Murdock,
Natalie Carroll
Title:                                       “Encouraging Regional Trade with Hermetic Storage for Cowpea in West and Central Africa”
Sponsor:                                 Gates Foundation                      
Award Amount:                      $11,414,417


Principal Investigator:           Scott Jackson

Title:                                       “VCA Soymap:  An Integrated Map of Soybean for Resolution and Dissection of Multiple Genome Duplication Events”
Sponsor:                                 National Science Foundation          
Award Amount:                      $1,736,093


Principal Investigator:           Clifford Weil

Title:                                       “The Maize Tilling Project: Reverse Genetics of Maize Point Mutations”
Sponsor:                                 National Science Foundation
Award Amount:                      $1,617,351


Principal Investigator:            Renee McKee   

Title:                                       “Afternoon’s Rock in Indiana”                                        
Sponsor:                                 Indiana Family and Social Services Administration
Award Amount:                      $1,071,600


Principal Investigator:           Kevin McNamara

Co-Investigator:                     Jess Lowenberg-Deboer
Title:                                       “Advancing Afghan Agriculture Alliance”                              
Sponsor:                                 U.S. Agency for International Development
Award Amount:                      $2,100,000