2008 College of Agriculture Awards

Clint Chapple, Biochemistry: Richard L. Kohls Outstanding Undergraduate Teacher

Maribeth Cousin, Food Science: David C. Pfendler Outstanding Undergraduate Counselor

Hank Weiner, Biochemistry: Outstanding Graduate Educator

Robin Tribbett, Horticulture and Landscape Architecture: Outstanding Service to Students

Student Awards

Outstanding Freshman – Bradley Showalter (BPPH)

Outstanding Sophomore – Ann Secor (FS)

Outstanding Junior – Christina Velasquez (BCHM)

Outstanding Senior – Dustin Potts (HLA)

Club Awards


Special thanks to the members of Agriculture Council for preparing and delivering a very professional awards ceremony, the members of the College of Agriculture Awards Committee (chaired by Linda Mason) for the large amount of time and care they invested in selecting the award winners, and the staff of the Office of Academic Programs (led by Lori Barber) who work throughout the year to make sure everything is perfect and ready for the day.