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May-June 2008

Purdue announces changes to application and admission processes


Please help us make students aware of these important changes in Purdue’s application and admission processes! These changes are a significant departure from the way applications were handled in the past, but they will ultimately result in a process that is beneficial to our potential students in a number of ways:

  • Results will be available online beginning Dec. 5 for self checking
  • Applying online will give students time to prepare an excellent application
  • The addition of an essay will help tell admissions officials something about the student beyond grades and test scores.
  • Students will have the ability to include in their application senior awards or activities that were made during the fall.

Throughout the year, the Office of Admissions’ Web site will be the best source for the most current and accurate information about admission and scholarships:  www.admissions.purdue.edu.  Here is a summary of important changes:


  • The 2009 admission application will be available online beginning August 1, 2008.

  • Students are strongly encouraged to apply online and there are advantages:

    • Students will be able to check the Admissions Web site to ensure their applications are complete.

    • The processing of online applications will be expedited. Students who use paper applications can expect processing delays.

    • The online application process helps ensure the integrity of student data because information does not need to be reentered as is necessary with a paper application.

    • Once an admission decision has been made, a student will be able to view it online.

TIP:  Monitor your application status online and make sure it is complete by November 15.

  • NEW: The 2009 application will include a required personal statement of 500 words or fewer. Students will be able to choose one of three topics for their submission.

TIP:  Ask a teacher, counselor, or parent to review and critique your essay before submitting it.  Take the time to do your best!

  • For high school seniors applying for the fall 2009 semester, the Office of Admissions plans to release admission decisions on December 5, 2008. Decisions will first be available online after 5 p.m. EST that day. The office will begin mailing decision letters on Monday, December 8.

  • After December 8, admission decisions for Fall 2009 beginning students will be made on a rolling basis.

  • Admission decisions will be “admit,” “deny,” or “hold for more information” (such as seventh semester grades or new test scores). Students who receive a “hold” decision and provide the requested information will receive a final decision no later April 1.

  • Purdue strongly prefers that ACT and SAT test scores be reported directly from the testing agencies and we recommend that you indicate that your scores should be reported to Purdue when you register for your tests.  Receiving your scores directly from the testing agency ensures accuracy, speeds up processing of your application, and helps Purdue quickly identify your best test score for scholarship or admission purposes. 



  • The priority deadline for the Trustees and Presidential scholarships will be November 15. To earn either of these scholarships, qualified students must have a complete admissions application within the Office of Admissions by this date.  Criteria for these scholarships will be available online in July.

TIP:  Monitor your application online and make sure it is complete (including all transcripts) by November 15.

  • For scholarship awards, the Office of Admissions will continue to accept new ACT or SAT test scores until January 1, 2009. However, such new information will be used to award scholarships only for those qualifying students who also met the November 15 admission application deadline. These new test scores must be provided electronically by the testing agency.  You may take the SAT exam on October 4 and meet the November 15 application deadline if you have your score sent directly to Purdue.

TIP:  The strength of your high school curriculum, relative to available coursework, is an important factor in Purdue admission decisions. Purdue strongly recommends that Indiana students pursue the Academic Honors Diploma. Although the Indiana honors diploma is not yet a requirement for admission to Purdue, students who earn it are stronger candidates.