Excellence in Research Awards


University Awards

Lisa Mauer, Agricultural Research Award


Seed for Success Awards

Bruce Applegate, Food Science

Arun Bhunia, Food Science

Osvaldo Campanella, Food Science

Nick Carpita, Botany and Plant Pathology

Clint Chapple, Biochemistry

Carlos Corvalan, Food Science

Natalia Doudareva, Horticulture and Landscape Architecture

Kevin Gurney, Agronomy/Earth & Atmospheric Sciences

Scott Jackson, Agronomy

Shihuan Kuang, Animal Sciences

Mike Ladisch, Agricultural and Biological Engineering

Richard Linton, Food Science

Jianxin Ma, Agronomy

Lisa Mauer, Food Science

Renee McKee, Youth Development and Ag Education

Nate Mosier, Agricultural and Biological Engineering

Kevin McNamara, Agricultural Economics

Dan Szymanski, Agronomy

Paul Preckel, Agricultural Economics

David Salt, Horticulture and Landscape Architecture

Wally Tyner, Agricultural Economics



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