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Extension educators receive individual, career, team awards

The Indiana Extension Educators Association on Nov. 10 presented awards to 34 county educators during a luncheon at Purdue Extension's annual conference.

Awards and recipients are:

Agriculture and Natural Resources
Shelton* Individual: Brad Shelton (pictured) of Washington County for the Indiana Beef Evaluation and Economics Feeding Program.
* Career: David Trotter of Clark County.




Economic and Community Development
Keenan* Individual: Doug Keenan of Noble County for the Noble County Health Fair.





Health and Human Sciences
Hagedorn* Individual: Brenda Hagedorn of Spencer and Perry counties for Keeping Food Safe for 1.1 Million Guests.




Benham* Career: Jackie Benham of Scott County.





4-H Youth Development
Allen* Individual: Bob Allen (pictured) of Clark County for the 4-H Shooting Sports and Hunter Education programs.

* Bob Amick: Megan Hawk of Lawrence County for Junior Leader Completion.



ANR Team* Agriculture and Natural Resources: Ed Farris of Huntington County, Bill Horan of Wells County, Brad Kohlhagen of Adams County, Gonzalee Martin of Allen County, Elysia Berry of DeKalb County, Tom Eickholtz of Steuben County, Steve Engleking of LaGrange County, Hanson Young of Noble County and David Addison of Whitley County for Northwest Purdue Agriculture Center Field Day.

HHS Team* Health and Human Sciences: Cindy Barnett of Whitley County, Inger Friend of Steuben County, Janeen Longfellow of Noble County, Ann Williams of DeKalb County, Mary Ann Lienhart-Cross of Elkhart County, Molly Hoag of Wells County and Vickie Hadley of Allen County for Preserving Nature's Bounty.



4H Team* 4-H: Jane Ann Beard and Cindy Barber of Daviess County and Jeff Holland of Monroe County for The Gang's All Here.




CES Team* Cooperative Extension Service: Cathy Boerste, Hans Schmitz and Mary Duke of Gibson County; Darlene Decker and Maria Restrepo of Pike County; Stacye Johnson of Knox County; Jan Dougan of Dubois County; and Larry Caplan of Vanderburgh County for 7th Grade Science Sensations Brings Science Lessons to Life.


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