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May 2012

From the Dean




This issue of InFocus is devoted entirely to celebrating all our award winners in the College of Agriculture throughout the 2011-2012 academic year.

Congratulations to all of our award and recognition recipients, and thanks to all of those who supported our winners in the classroom, put together award nominations, or were involved in the process in some way. We work hard to make sure everything is included here, but if we missed any award winners, let us know!

Hard as it is to believe, another very busy academic year has come to an end. Thanks very much to all of you for all you do for Purdue Agriculture. Have a great summer!

All the best,

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University Awards and Recognitions


cale bigelowCale Bigelow, Agronomy: Purdue Teaching Academy, 2011

mike boehljeMichael Boehlje, Agricultural Economics: Frederick L. Hovde Award of Excellence             

rebecca doergeRebecca Doerge, Agronomy and Statistics: Trent and Judith Anderson Distinguished Professor of Statistics

frank dooleyFrank Dooley, Agricultural Economics: Provost Fellow

scott downeyScott Downey, Agricultural Economics: Purdue Teaching Academy

barny dunningBarny Dunning, Forestry and Natural Resources: Purdue Teaching Academy, 2011

jeff dukesJeffrey Dukes, Forestry and Natural Resources: University Faculty Scholar

goeckerAllan Goecker, Assistant Dean & Senior Associate Director of Academic Programs: 2011 Special Boilermaker Award

ben gramigBen Gramig, Agricultural Economics: Teaching for Tomorrow Award

joseph irudarayajJoseph Irudarayaj, Agricultural and Biological Engineering: CIC Academic Leadership Program Fellow

janickJules Janick, Horticulture and Landscape Architecture: Morrill Award Finalist

ann kirchmaierAnn Kirchmaier, Biochemistry: University Faculty Scholar

lechtenbergVic Lechtenberg: Inaugural Morrill Award; 2011 AgriVision Award

amy lossieAmy Lossie, Animal Sciences: Teaching for Tomorrow Award

john lumkesJohn Lumkes, Agricultural and Biological Engineering: Purdue Teaching Academy, 2011

jianxin maJianxin Ma, Agronomy: University Faculty Scholar

linda masonLinda Mason, Entomology: associate dean in the Graduate School

herb ohmHerb Ohm, Agronomy; Morrill Award Finalist

raguRagu Raghothama, International Programs in Agriculture: CIC Academic Leadership Program Fellow

paul schwabPaul Schwab, Agronomy: 2012 Learning Communities Advocate Award for Environmental Sciences learning Community

lori snyderLori Snyder, Agronomy, 2012-2013 Community of Service Learning Faculty Fellows Grant

charles woloshukCharles Woloshuk, Botany and Plant Pathology: Fellowship for Study in a Second Discipline, 2012-13



liza braunlichLiza Braunlich, Agricultural Economics: Continuing Education's Award for Excellence in Distance Learning

danica kirkpatrickDanica Kirkpatick, Agriculture Administration: Featured as Purdue Momentum Maker

kimber nicolettiKimber Nicoletti, Youth Development and Agricultural Education: featured in Purdue Today's Women's History Month section on women who have made their mark at Purdue and on the world.


abigail borronAbigail Borron, Youth Development & Ag Education: Associate Member, Purdue Teaching Academy

chris curreyChris Currey, Horticulture and Landscape Architecture: Graduate Student Teaching Award

laura donaldsonLaura Donaldson, Agricultural Economics: 2012-2013 Purdue Mortar Board; Charles O. McGaughey Leadership Award

nick goldsmithNicholas Goldsmith, Botany and Plant Pathology: France A. Córdova Award for Leadership in Action

alyssa haithcoxAlyssa Haithcox, Animal Sciences: National MANRRS Vice President for Region 5; Black Caucus of Faculty and Staff Service/Leadership Award

adrianne huberAdrianne Huber, Agronomy: 2012 Commencement Responder

krystyna hyrczykKrystyna Hyrczyk, Horticulture and Landscape Architecture: Graduate Teaching Certificate from the Center for Instructional Excellence

sean kearneySean Kearney, Agricultural and Biological Engineering: Goldwater Scholarship

morgan murffMorgan Murff, Agricultural Economics: Black Caucus of Faculty and Staff Service/Leadership Award

joe rustJoe Rust, Agricultural Economics: Elected Purdue Student Government President

jackson troxelJackson Troxel, Agricultural Economics: 2012-2013 Purdue Mortar Board

breanna walkerBreanna Walker, Agricultural Economics: 2012-2013 Purdue Mortar Board



These Agriculture students were profiled in Purdue Today during Graduate Student Appreciation Week:

kendra lancasterKendra Lancaster, Youth Development and Agricultural Education

david ortegaDavid Ortega, Agricultural Economics

andy robinsonAndy Robinson, Botany and Plant Pathology

elizabeth trybulaElizabeth Trybula, Ecological Sciences and Engineering


These Agriculture students were recognized in Purdue's "5 Students Who......" feature throughout the year:

lindsey birtLindsey Birt, Agricultural and Biological Engineering: Policy Maker

bob easterBob Easter, Botany and Plant Pathology: Green Maker
amanda emeryAmanda Emery,
Animal Sciences: Example Maker

patrick freelandPatrick Austin Freeland, Ecological Sciences and Engineering: Path Maker

nicholas goldsmithNicholas Goldsmith, Botany and Plant Pathology: Trail Maker

kendra lancasterKendra Lancaster, Youth Development and Agricultural Education: Change Maker

rebecca logsdonRebecca Logsdon, Agricultural and Biological Engineering: Policy Maker

peter mercado reysPeter “Joel” Mercado-Reyes, Biochemistry: New Boilermaker

david perkisDavid Perkis, Agricultural Economics: Policy Maker

joe rustJoe Rust, Agricultural Economics: Change Maker

mary schottMary Schott, Horticulture and Landscape Architecture: Green Maker


Agriculture Students Elected to Phi Beta Kappa:

SENIORS:  Benjamin Daily, Ag and Biological Engineering; Neira Eisenmann, Animal Sciences, Jason Geis, Soil and Crop Management; Nicholas Goldsmith, Botany and Plant Pathology; Su Hua, Agricultural Economics; Yixi Kennedy, Ag and Biological Engineering; Michelle Madden, Natural Resources and Environmental Science; Lisa Schluttenhofer, Agricultural Communication; Heather Solomon, Animal Sciences; Kristen Tschida, Animal Sciences

JUNIORS:  Amber Furrer, Food Science; Kevin Na, Food Science; Kimberly Tyler, Biochemistry


College Awards



sylvie brouderSylvie Brouder, Agronomy: Wickersham Chair of Excellence in Agricultural Research

indrajeet chaubeyIndrajeet Chaubey, Agricultural and Biological Engineering: 2012 Agricultural Research Award

craig dobbinsCraig Dobbins, Agricultural Economics: David C. Pfendler Outstanding Undergraduate Counselor

scott downeyScott Downey, Agricultural Economics: Richard L. Kohls Outstanding Undergraduate Teacher

bill hooverBill Hoover, Forestry and Natural Resources, Purdue University Cooperative Extension Specialist Association (PUCESA) Career Award

brad joernBrad Joern, Agronomy: 2011 Spirit of the Land Grant Mission Award

jerry shivelyGerald Shively, Agricultural Economics: Outstanding Graduate Educator

david umulisDavid Umulis, Agricultural and Biological Engineering: Richard L. Kohls Early Career Award



sherry pogranichniySherry Pogranichniy, Biochemistry: Outstanding Service to Students



College of Agriculture student winners at the annual Purdue Undergraduate Research Poster Symposium:

Aaron Zull, NRES: 1st Place Life Science—“Clean Hands Kill”

Christopher Klinkhamer, NRES: 3rd Place Life Science—“The release of silver nanoparticles from consumer products and their effects on Zebrafish development and gene expression”

Kaylin Crosby, Animal Sciences: CoA Dean’s Choice Award—“Sex biasing mothers: a look at sociobiological cues as predictors for maternal biasing of offspring sex ratio”

Steven Chambers, Food Science: CoA Dean’s Choice Award—“Determining appropriate cleaning methods for reduction of Listeria monocytogenes in retail delis”


Outstanding Undergraduate Students

emily ericksonEmily Erickson, Biochemistry, Freshman

travis martinTravis Martin, Agricultural Economics, Sophomore

gabe rangelGabriel Rangel, Biochemistry, Junior

betheny mooreBetheny Moore, Biochemistry, Senior


Purdue Agriculture 2012 TEAM Award: Purdue zipTrips Team

Agricultural Communication – Dan Annarino, Tom Campbell, Joan Crow, Steven Doyle, Rebecca Goetz, Sharon Katz, Steve Leer, Jamie Loizzo, Carolyn McGrew, Robert Snorek, Tim Thompson, Cindy Verhey
Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory – Ching Ching Wu
Animal Sciences – Amy Lossie, Terry Stewart
Basic Medical Sciences – Sophie Lelièvre, J. Paul Robinson
Biochemistry – James Clemens
Biomedical Engineering – Brad Duerstock, Alyssa Panitch
Biological Sciences – Krista Nichols
Botany and Plant Pathology – Kiersten Wise
Center for Paralysis Research – Lisa Hilliard
Discovery Learning Research Center – Omolola Adedokun, Julianne Bell, Wilella Burgess, Loran Carleton Parker
Entomology – Jeff Grabowski, Catherine Hill, Tom Turpin
Food Science – Kevin Keener
Forestry and Natural Resources – Andrew DeWoody, Brian MacGowan, Rod Williams, Marisol Sepulveda
Information Technology-Video and Multimedia Production Services – Edward Dunn
United States Department of Agriculture – Elizabeth Pappas
Veterinary Clinical Sciences – Laurent Couetil, Steven Thompson
Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital – Lorraine Corriveau
Youth Development and Agricultural Education – Richard Fox



Agriculture Administration

Tracie Egger: 2012 Distinguished Alumni Society, Lake Land College
Danica Kirkpatrick: Class 15, Agricultural Leadership Program, 2012-2013


Agricultural and Biological Engineering


Dennis Buckmaster: ABE Nominee, 2011-12 Richard L. Kohls Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award; ABE Nominee, 2011-12 David C. Pfendler Outstanding Counselor Award
Osvaldo Campanella: 2011-2012 ABE Outstanding Department Teacher – Engineering
Indrajeet Chaubey: 2011-2012 ABE Ag Outstanding Graduate Educator
Dan Ess: 2011-2012 ABE Outstanding Department Teacher - Agriculture
Dennis Flanagan: American Society of Agricultural & Biological Engineers Fellow
Monika Ivantysynova and A. Schenk: Best Paper Award – An Investigation of the Impact of Elastohydrodynamic Deformation on Power Loss in the Slipper Swashplate Interface. 8th JFPS International Symposium on Fluid Power, Okinawa, Japan
Michael Ladisch: American Chemical Society Fellow; Named one of “Top 100 People in Bioenergy” by Biofuels Digest; Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science
John Lumkes:  Inaugural Global Engineering Impact Award  
Marshall Porterfield: Fellow, American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering (AIMBE)


Paul Jones, Bill Field, Dawn Minns, Gail Deboy, and John Smith:  2011 Educational Aids Blue Ribbon Award from the ASABE for their “AgrAbility Harvest Newsletter”
Paul Jones, Steve Doyle and William Field:  2011 Educational Aids Blue Ribbon Award from the ASABE for their “AgrAbility: It’s About Hope”
Yvonne Hardebeck: 2011-2012 ABE Outstanding Service to Students Award


2012 ABE Outstanding Graduate Student Awards:
Shahriar Karim: M.S.
Laurent Ahiablame: Ph.D.

Margaret Kalcic: Magoon Award Honoree
Laurent Ahiablame: Celebration of Graduate Student Teaching Honoree
Janie D. McClurkin:  National Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources and Related Sciences (MANRRS)Theme Contest for the 2012 National Conference with the theme "Planting the Seeds for Global Success”;  Dr. Luther S. Williams Leadership Award from the Black Graduate Association;  College of Engineering Outstanding Service Award
Josh Zimmerman: Best Poster Award – Test-Bed 1. 5th Annual CCEFP Meeting in conjunction with the 52nd National Conference on Fluid Power in Las Vegas
Rebecca Logsdon: ASABE Robert E. Stewart Engineering-Humanities Award


2011-2012 Outstanding Undergraduates –
Jonathan Pelsy: Freshman
David Bedel: Sophomore
Elymae Garcia: Junior
Ben Daily: Senior


Agricultural Communication

Russ Merzdorf: 2012 ACE Publishing SIG Award of Excellence
Brian Wallheimer: 2012 ACE Gold Award and 2011 CASE Silver Award for news release: “New Scientific Field will Study Ecological Importance of Sounds”;  ACE Silver Award for Science Café;  2011 CASE Gold Award for Best Event on a Shoestring—Science Café
Russ Merzdorf, Carol McGrew, Jerry Peters, Dan Gottschalk:  2012 ACE Bronze Award in Direct Mail category for Ag Education Centennial "Save the Date" postcard
Tom Campbell, Keith Robinson, Carol McGrew, Dan Annarino, Gina Price, Cheri Frederick: 2012 ACE Silver Award for Purdue Agriculture Connections; 2011 CASE Gold Award for Best Tabloid Newsletter for External Audiences: Purdue Agriculture Connections


Agricultural Economics


David Downey: American Feed Industry Association Distinguished Service Award            
Joan Fulton: PUCESA Mid Career Award                                                   
Janet Ayres: Carroll County Charles Carroll Award            
Corinne Alexander: IFAMA Best Paper
Otto Doering: Indiana Conference of American Assoc. of University Professors William F. Eagan Lifetime Achievement Award  
Marshall Martin: Beck Hybrid's Beyond the Fence Award - Friend of Agriculture
Maria Marshall: Purdue Research Foundation (PRF) International Travel Grant   
Jacob Ricker-Gilbert: Purdue Research Foundation (PRF) International Travel Grant          
Holly Wang, Milton Boyd, Jeffery Pai, and Ke Wang: Emerald Literati Network Outstanding Paper Award; Winner - Literati Network Award for Excellence 


Lee Stanish, et al: North Central Extension Region Award for Excellence in Global Citizenship Programming         
Neisha Kennedy:  Outstanding Service Award - Clerical 
Jill Hufford: Outstanding Service Award – AP


David Ortega: USDA National Institute of Food and Ag Doctoral Fellowship; Ludwig Kruehe Doctoral Fellowship 
Francis Darko: AIARD - Assoc. of International Ag & Rural Development Outstanding Future Leaders Forum        
Jing Liu: A.H. Ismail Interdisciplinary Program Doctoral Research Travel Award     
Alicia English: D. Woods Thomas Memorial Fund Award-Intl Activities     
Stephanie Rosch: Graduate Student Teaching Excellence Award
Carson Reeling/Ben Gramig: 2011 Master of Science Thesis         
Miriam Otoo/Joan Fulton: 2011 Doctor of Philosophy Dissertation            
Elizabeth Dobis / Raymond Florax: 2011 Master of Science Thesis  

Michael Baird and Jackson Troxel:  Ag Futures of America (AFA) Student Advisory Team for 2012-2013  
Danielle Haynes: Outstanding Senior    
Michael Baird:  Outstanding Junior         
Travis Martin:    Outstanding Sophomore             
Morgan Dawson: Outstanding Freshman             
NAMA Team: NAMA Choice Award for Favorite Product


Agricultural Information Technology (AgIT)

Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) V3 Foundations Certification
Tom Pluimer
Joe Levell
Mark Sobers
Mike Budzik
Kirby Kalbaugh
Carl Geiger
Courtnee Dadacz
Dan Rhine
Carol Reisert
Jess Maynard
Rob Blue
Ben Fox
Charlie Smith
Adam Brooks
Cindie Gosnell
Marilyn Moore
Kevin Stevens
Brad Clayton
Donna Gaylord
Brian Hoover

Leanne McGiveron: HDI Support Center Director Certification
Brandon Kerns: HDI Knowledge Center Support Certification

ACMT Certification (Apple Certified Macintosh Technician), Part I
Brandon Kerns
Jess Maynard
Nishee Johnson

CIO Ones to Watch
Pat Smoker


Agricultural Research at Purdue (ARP)

Forty-four Agriculture faculty were recognized for having received a grant for $1 million dollars or more for FY11. Asterisks beside names indicate those who are first-time recipients of large multidisciplinary awards who received “Seed for Success” acorns honoring their success.


Corinne Alexander*


Jane Frankenberger*


Roberto Lopez*


Phillip Owens*

Bruce Applegate

Kevin Gibson*

Jess Lowenberg-DeBoer

Paul Preckel

Janna Beckerman*

Reuben Goforth*

Jianxin Ma

Linda Prokopy*

Arun Bhunia

Barbara Golden*

Maria Marshall

Torbert Rocheford*

Laura Bowling*

Ben Gramig*

Lisa Mauer

Cliff Sadof*

Sylvie Brouder*

Steve Hallett*

Renee McKee

Andy Tao

Indrajeet Chaubey*

Chuck Hibberd*

Kevin McNamara

Beth Tran*

Keith Cherkauer*

Lori Hoagland*

Cary Mitchell

Jeff Volenec*

Bradley Duerstock*

Ian Kaplan*

Larry Murdock

Cliff Weil

Bernie Engel*

Eileen Kladivko*

Patrick Murphy*

Jian-Kang Zhu*

Jim Forney*

Mike Ladisch

Dev Niyogi



Faculty and Staff

Sylvie Brouder: National Academy of Science Keck futures Conference Fellow
Melba Crawford: College of Engineering Team Award for Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship
Brad Joern, Phillip Owens, Gary Steinhardt, Darrell Schulze, George Van Scoyoc: 2012 Instructional Equipment Innovation Award
Keith Johnson: Program Chairman for the American Forage and Grassland Council Conference, American Forage and Grassland Council
Cindy Nakatsu: 2011 Hokkaido University, Visiting Professor Award
Phillip Owens: Co-recipient of the ESRI - Conservation Mapping Competition – Second Place,
Aaron Patton: 2012 ARP Assistantship; Certificate of Excellence, American Society of Agronomy (Extension Education
Community; Education and Extension Section).  2011 Extension Education materials Contest, Division: Websites.  Winning website:  http://www.agry.purdue.edu/turf/.  Collaborators: Kelly Delp, Jennifer Biehl.
Lori Snyder: 2012 Instructional Equipment Innovation Award
Mitch Tuinstra: CSSA Division C-1 Chair-elect, Crop Science Society of America


Graduate Students

Agronomy Graduate Student Representatives:  Jon Trappe, Jason Cavadini, Kaylissa Horton, Jason Morales, Edwin Suarez.  Outgoing student reps:  Ignacio Ciampitti, Ani Elias, Anne Brown, Juan Pablo Burzaco, Ron Navarette, Xiangye Xiao
Ignacio Ciampitti: 2012 Gerald O. Mott Meritorious Graduate Student Award in Crop Science (Crop Science Society of America)
Samantha Shoaf: American Society of Agronomy/Crop Science Society of America/Soil Science Society of America annual Congressional visit Day, Washington, DC
Michael Popelka and Samantha Shoaf: AMP Program participants
Kartik Krothapalli, Alex Renaud: Best Poster Award program, sponsored by Dow AgroSciences, American Seed Trade Association CSS 2011 & Seed Expo
Jenette Goodman: Outstanding Graduate Student Oral Presentation Award at the 5th Global Workshop on Digital Soil Mapping
Chun Zhao: Excellence in Teaching Award Committee for the Education of Teaching Assistants with an Excellence in Teaching Award. 
Anna L Fahey: Graduate Teacher Certificate, 2012 Celebration of Graduate Student Teaching Excellence
Mirayda Torres-Avila: Graduate Teacher Certificate, 2012 Celebration of Graduate Student Teaching Excellence
Juan Pablo Burzaco: Outstanding M.S. Graduate Research Award
Xiaoqing Yu: Outstanding Ph.D. Graduate Research Award
Eric Miller: Outstanding Graduate Extension Award
Chun Zhao: Outstanding Graduate Teaching Award
Michael Popelka: John Axtell Graduate Student Award in Plant Breeding and Genetics
Rima Thapa: Wyman E. Nyquist Scholarship
Feng Lin: Wyman E. Nyquist Scholarship  
Trevor Perkins: Marvin and Barbara Phillips scholarship in Agronomy
Edwin Suarez: Wayne P. Rothgeb Memorial Graduate Scholarship
Ignacio Ciampitti: M.O. Pence Graduate Scholarship

Undergraduate Students

D. J. Graper: 2012 American Society of Agronomy Outstanding Senior; M.O. Pence Undergraduate Scholarship.

2011-12 Outstanding Undergraduate Students
Kelsey Tuholski: Freshman
Daniel Sweeney: Sophomore
Lori Ann Nussbaum: Junior
Cole Slipher: Senior

2012 Turf Scholarship winners
Chad Melton: Don Fassnacht Scholarship                  
C.J. Coy: Jean and Lee Schmidt Scholarship             
Cameron Cox: Max Slack Scholarship                       
John Daniels: W.H. Daniel Graduate Scholarship      
Zach Ferguson: W.H. Daniel Undergraduate Scholarship           
John Thackery: MRTF Golf Day Scholarship (presented by Syngenta)     
Tony Feitz: MRTF Scholarship                                   
Dane Alexander: MRTF Scholarship                         
Ben Baumer: MRTF Scholarship                                
Lucas Braun: MRTF Scholarship                               
Clayton Walters: MRTF Scholarship                         
Dan Kiermaier: MRTF Scholarship                           
Zac Peterson: MRTF Scholarship                               
Brock Miller: MRTF Scholarship                               
Peter Westfall: MRTF Scholarship                             
Quin Stilwell: MRTF Scholarship                               
Aaron Kreider: MRTF Scholarship                            
Tony Feitz: Michiana GCSA Scholarship                   
Purdue Turf Program placed first in Student challenge Exam, during the 2012 Sports Turf Managers Association Meetings, January 2012.

Purdue Soils Team placed fifth during the American Society of Agronomy Collegiate Soils Contest in Morgantown, West Virginia, March 2012.  (Jeff Fischer, John Scott, Lori Nussbaum, DJ Graper, Maggie Shoue, Kelsey Smith.  During the North American Colleges and Teachers of Agriculture Collegiate Soils Contests in April 2012, Coffeyville, Kansas, the team placed third out of 11 teams.  (Aaron Englert, Danielle Atkins, Daniel Bechman, Jacob Harden, Martha Kille)  Coaches:  Gary Steinhardt, Cathy Egler.

Purdue Ag WeekAgronomy Club members Maggie Shoue and Aaron Englert hosted the Monsanto America’s Farmers Mobile Experience display. 

Agronomy Ambassadors – Sara Alford, Daniel Bechman, katheryn Best, ian Champ, Cameron Cox, Aex Flock, Colleen Harvey, Joey Heneghan, Jacob harden, Adrianne Huber, Melanie Jones, Gabe Macke, Ashley Sheetz, Kirsten Thomas.  Advisors:  Kelly Delp, Sherry Fulk-Bringman


In Memory
Bob Austin, Agronomy technician, passed away May 17, 2011
Darrell ‘Scot’ MacNab, Indiana Crop Improvement Assoc., passed away January 31, 2012


Animal Sciences


Todd Applegate: 2012 Animal Sciences Outstanding Advisor Award
Amy Lossie: Teaching for Tomorrow Award
Alan Mathew:  Selected to represent the Animal Science Department Chairs/Heads on the US Pork Center of Excellence Board of Directors
Mike Neary: 2012 Animal Sciences Career Service Award
Mike Schutz: Steve Atkisson Indiana Dairy Service Award


Barry Delks: Achieved Master Teacher recognition through the Academy of Instructional Excellence sponsored by IVY Tech.
Marion Welsh: Graduate of the 32nd class of Accomplished Clerical Excellence (ACE) certification



Blair Aldridge:  2012 Fontenot Appreciation Club from the American Society of Animal Sciences (ASAS).
Tana Dennis:  third place in the Graduate Student Competition at the Tri-State Dairy Nutrition Conference.
Patrick Gunn: 2012 NACTA Graduate Student Teaching Award
Zach Rambo: 2012 NACTA Graduate Student Teaching Award; Excellence in Teaching Award, Purdue Celebration of Graduate Student Teaching Excellence



Allison Culp: Outstanding Freshman
Kimberly Lutz: Outstanding Sophomore
Benjamin and Bradley Schmitt: Outstanding Juniors
Melanie Papariella: Outstanding Senior

Brittany Rayburn:  Lowes Outstanding Senior CLASS award finalist; 2012 Capital One Academic All-America® Division I Women's Basketball second team, as selected by the College Sports Information Directors of America (CoSIDA).



Scott Briggs: Kohls Outstanding Undergraduate Teacher
Barbara Golden: Purdue Ag Alumni Trust Fund
Mark Hall: Kohls Early Career Award for Undergraduate Teaching
Joe Ogas: David C. Pfendler Outstanding Undergraduate Counselor
Sandra Rossie: Outstanding Graduate Educator


Hana Hall: Sr. Researcher Award
Sherry Pogranichniy:  Outstanding Service to Students


Brett Bishop: Summer PRF Grant
Christie Eissler: PRF Research Grant; Hickory Stick Award; Beach Family Travel Grant
Shawn Liu: AK Balls Award
Liang Xue: Henry A. Moses Award
Kayla Harmeyer: Beach Family Travel Grant
Paul South: Bilsland Dissertation Fellowship


Emily Erickson: Outstanding Freshman
Erin Nicklow: Outstanding Sophomore
Gabe Rangel: Outstanding Junior
Betheny Moore: Outstanding Senior
Biochemistry Club received funding through the Student Grant Program for Community Service/Service Learning Projects



Botany and Plant Pathology


Nick Carpita: President of ASPB 2010-2011
Nancy Emery: Departmental Outstanding Graduate Educator
Steve Hallett: Departmental Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching award; Authored Life without Oil, Published by Prometheus Books (with John Wright)
Bill Johnson: 2011 NCWSS Fellow, presented by North Central Weed Science Society.
Rick Latin: Authored A Practical Guide to Turfgrass Fungicides
Ray Martyn: Chair of APS Foundation, 2009 to 2012
Kiersten Wise: Purdue University Cooperative Extension Service Early Career Award
Fred Whitford: 2011 Outstanding Extension Specialist Award
Jin-Rong Xu: Honorary Vice President, Chinese Phytopathology Society; Associate editor, PLoS Pathogens (the highest impact factor among all the microbiology journals)


John Cavaletto: Departmental award for Outstanding Service to Students


RaeLynn Butler: First place in Graduate Student Oral Presentation, 2011 AISES (American Indian Science and Engineering Society) National Conference in Minneapolis, MN. 
Asya Robertshaw:  1st place for her Life Science poster in the 2012 Graduate Student Poster Completion; Received the NSF Graduate Fellowship Award.
Sally Stevens: Botany and Plant Pathology’s Teaching Award recipient at the Celebration of Graduate Student Teaching Excellence in April.
The Purdue Weed Science students completed in the first ever Weed Olympics in July 2011.  The team of Paul Marquardt, Ryan Terry, Chad Brabham and Jared Roskamp won first place overall in the graduate team division.  Ryan Terry also had the second highest individual score among graduate students from the North Central Region.
At the NCWSS meetings:  Chad Brabham, Outstanding Graduate Student Award and Ryan Terry won the second place award in the poster competition.  Both students were mentored by Dr. Bill Johnson.


Nicholas Goldsmith: Outstanding Senior
Kloe Belush: Outstanding Junior
Adrienne Gorney: Outstanding Sophomore
Eric Dean: Outstanding Freshman





Catherine Hill: LEAD 21 2012-2013
Jeffrey Holland: Entomology Outstanding Undergraduate Teacher                                                                                                
Christian Krupke: Entomology Outstanding Graduate Educator                                                                                                      
Jonathan Neal: Entomology Outstanding Undergraduate Counselor

Amanda Pendleton: Outstanding Service to Students in Entomology
Melissa Shepson: Outstanding Service to the Department

Hossam Eldien Abdel Moniem: Bilsland Fellowship           
Gina Angelella: ESA 2nd Place - Poster Presentation          
Megan Critser: Pat Baker/POW Pest Control, Inc. Memorial Scholarship                                                                                       
Mahsa Fardisi: Austin M. Frishman Scholarship                  
Jeffrey Grabowski: Indiana Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute NIH Grant for Pre-doctoral funding
Serena Gross: CETA Teaching Award                                   
Zachary Karl: Indiana Pest Management Association Memorial Scholarship                                                                                 
Jonathan Nixon: William L. Brehm Memorial Scholarship; ESA 1st Place - Oral Presentation                                                      
Nicole Parker: ESA 1st Place - Poster Presentation             
Kapil Rajendra Raje:  Graduate School Excellence in Teaching Award                                                                                           
Adam Salyer:  BASF Professional Pest Control Scholarship 
Andres Sandoval-Mojica:  Gerald Leeb Scholarship            
Madeline Spigler:  J.T. Eaton & Company Scholarship         
Sarah Thompson: A-Mark Pest Management/Eli Lilly Scholarship                                                                                                  
Yanlin (Kevin) Tian:  Duane Edwards Scholarship                
Nicole Van Der Laan: ESA 1st Place - Oral Presentation     
Faith Weeks:  National Pest Management Association Scholarship                                                                                               
Scott Williams:  Norm Ehmann/Univar USA Scholarship    
Adam Witte:  A-Mark Pest Management/Eli Lilly Scholarship                                                                                                        
Lauren Beebe: Rhodes Scholarship

Scottie Brittsan: C. C. Alexander Memorial Scholarship      
Alyssa Collins:  William L. Brehm Memorial Scholarship    
Alicia Conrad: C. C. Alexander Memorial Scholarship          
Danielle Craig:  J. Edwin Sameth Memorial Scholarship     
John Diller: Austin M. Frishman Scholarship                        
James Feston:  J.T. Eaton & Company Scholarship              
Nathan Fishburn: John J. Davis Memorial Scholarship         
Elaina Grott: Outstanding Junior in Entomology; C. C. Alexander Memorial Scholarship; Don Schuder Memorial Scholarship; J. Kelly O'Neall & Margaret Ritchey O'Neall Memorial Scholarship                                 
Stephanie Hathaway:  John J. Davis Memorial Scholarship; SURF Top 20 Poster; Van Scoy Scholarship in Agriculture               
Matthew Keen:  John J. Davis Memorial Scholarship          
Melissa Keown: Rex Hall Memorial Scholarship                 
Caryn Michel: Outstanding Sophomore in Entomology; Pest Control Magazine Scholarship; Presidential Scholarship; Wood-Dilks 4-H Memorial Fund Scholarship Awarded by the Atlantic County 4-H Youth Development Program
Carly Morris:  C. C. Alexander Memorial Scholarship          
Emily Mroczkiewicz: George E. Gould Scholarship; Van Scoy Scholarship in Agriculture                                                              
Rebecca Rose:  George E. Gould Scholarship                       
Susanna Sisk: Robert A. Oakes Memorial/B & D.A. Weisburger Scholarship                                                                                 
Damon Smith:  Rhodes Scholarship
Julia Snyder:  Outstanding Freshman in Entomology; John J. Davis Memorial Scholarship                                                            
Tyler Stewart:  Outstanding Senior in Entomology; George E. Gould Scholarship;  J. Kelly O'Neall & Margaret Ritchey O'Neall Memorial Scholarship 
Chelsea Wood:  George E. Gould Scholarship

Food Science


Tameshia Ballard: Outstanding Undergraduate Counselor
Arun Bhunia: Outstanding Graduate Educator
Bruce Hamaker: W.K. Kellogg International food Security Award and Lectureship
Kevin Keener:  Elected to the Board of Trustees of The American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE).
Amy Lin: Young Investigator Award, 2011 meeting of the International Conference on Food Factors (ICoFF) in Taiwan
Haley Oliver: Outstanding Undergraduate Teacher


Donna Keener: Outstanding Service to Students Award



Like Yan: Certificate of Excellence for best poster from the Food Science Program, Interdisciplinary Graduate Programs Spring Reception



Claire Burtch: 400 Club Member (4.0 Cumulative GPA)
Michelle Egger:  Outstanding Freshman
Amber Furrer: Outstanding Junior
Kallen Hovland: Outstanding Senior
Madhuvanti Kale: Committee on the the Education of Teaching Assistants (CETA) Teaching Award
Molly McKneight: Outstanding Sophomore
Patrick Polowsky: Presented poster at Discovery Park Student Poster Session; Received Sally Mason Undergraduate Scholarship to present at 11th International Hydrocolloids Conference
Amanda Stewart: Presented poster at Interdisciplinary Graduate Programs Spring Reception

Food Science College Bowl Team - - Winners of Regional Competition
(to compete now in College Bowl Competition at National IFT Meeting, Las Vegas, NV, June 2012)
Team Members:

Laura Zimmerer – captain
Josh Jones
Jenn Farrell
Amber Furrer
Kallen Hovland
Catherine Shehan
Carmen Wickware
Team Coach:  Dr. Haley Oliver

Grand Cru Club Awardees:
(Students in Food Science with GPA of at least 3.5 over previous successive semesters)

Grand Cru Medal Initiates: (two semesters)

Claire Burtch
Mathias Bohn
Tsz Yan Denise Chung
Lindya Djaputra
Stephen Emerick
Amber Furrer
Zhe Allison Ji
Pauline Lay
Sasha McCorkle
Molly McKneight
Anbuhkani Muniandy
Emily Neuenschwader
Patrick Polowsky
Kelsey Tenney
Megan Turik
Weijian Victor Wnag

Secundus Grand Cru Medal: (four semesters)

Courtney Hayes
Kallen Hovland
Virginia Wright

Phi Tau Sigma, the Honorary Society for Food Science & Technology:
Outstanding Senior Award of Phi Tau Sigma:  Mathias Bohn

New Inductees into Phi Tau Sigma:
Sebastian Allende Russek
Danielle Bauer
Mathias Bohn
Hua Chen
Yi Chen
Christopher Cheng
Titiksha Dikshit
Paola Flores Verdad Ixta
Susan Hammons
Courtney Hayes
Monica Julianti
Simran Kaur
Haley Keller
Chuhan Liu
Sravanthi Priya Malaypally
Krystin Marrs
Sydney Moser
Yi Niu
Aaron Pleitner
Veronica Rodriguez Martinez
Preetam Sarkar
Megan Turik
Jingjin Wang
Carmen Wickware
Yi Xiao
Tianlin Xu
Dandan Zhang
Laura Zimmerer



Forestry and Natural Resources



Andrew DeWoody: Outstanding Graduate Educator
Jeff Dukes: 2012 PRF International Travel Grant
Bill Hoover:  2011 PUCESA (Purdue Cooperative Extension Specialists' Association) Career Award; FNR Department Exemplary Faculty Service Award
Michael Jenkins: Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Early Career Award
Patrick Zollner: Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award


Shelly Opperman: Outstanding Service to Students award
Lenny Farlee:  Outstanding Administrative/Professional Staff Member Award
Betty Barlow:  Outstanding Clerical/Service Staff Member Award


Andrea F. Currylow: Kirkpatrick Memorial Graduate Student Award
Christine Keller: Nutrition Science Outstanding Graduate Student Teaching Assistant Award
Ken Kellner: Purdue Graduate Student Government Travel Grant
Oriana Rueda Krauss: Charles H Michler Scholarship for the Outstanding Graduate Student Research in Forest Biology
Jessica Leet: first prize for oral presentation at the Ohio Valley Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, Cleveland State University
Jennifer McCreight, former Undergraduate Fellow: National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship
Joshua Shields:  Committee for Education of Teaching Assistants (CETA) Teaching Award
Justin Travis Swaim: Fischer Forestry Fund Graduate Student Scholarship

Graduate Student winners at the 2012 FNR Research Symposium:
First Place:  Christine Keller
Second Place:  Cecilia Hennessy
Third Place:  James Jacobs
First Place:  Kate Mulvaney
First Place: Rita Blythe
Second Place: Nikki VanDerLaan
Third Place: Andy Meier



Colleen Hartel, Jadelys Tonos, Jessica Rodkey and Christina Bienz: Martin undergraduate research scholarships from Agricultural Research (ARP).
Lexis Butler: first prize in the undergraduate category for her poster entitled “Impacts of estrogen-containing domestic waste water on secondary sex characteristics and vitellogenin expression in male fathead minnows (Pimpephales promelas)”
Christine Fultz:  2011-12 Russell O. Blosser Environmental Travel Grant
Katherine E. Walker, Sarah R. Ricketts, Melissa M. Stallard, and Jessica T. Rodkey: Glenn R. Allison Scholarship
Jacob W. Stockelman, Claire M. Towle, Grace L. Weisenbach, Christian M. Houser, Nicholas T. Simpson, Matthew T. Farr, Jadelys M. Tonos, Rachel A. Vanausdall, Amanda S. Webb, Christina R. Bienz, Wesley T.  Homoya, and Olivia D. Leonard: Gladden Scholarships   
Olivia D. Leonard: John Oliver Holwager II Memorial Scholarship
Charles W. Haney and Scott P. Sorensen: Roy C. Brundage Memorial Scholarship
Micah Koehler-March, Robert M. Packard, Allison C. Rubeck, and Scott P. Sorensen: Ewbank-Bishop Endowed Scholarship in Forestry and Natural Resources
Thomas J. Bauters: Pike Lumber Company Scholarship
Samantha J. Thiede, Jay M. Staton, Kristen N. Ruhl, Allison C. Rubeck, Charles W. Haney, Scott P. Sorensen, Andrew T. Bagnara, Courtney E. Blouzdis, Amanda S. Webb, Olivia D. Leonard, and Benjamin J. Davis: Academic Merit Awards
Colleen E. Taylor, Elizabeth D. Monell, and Anthony R. Sipes: Leadership Awards
Lexis R. Butler, Rachel A. Eckhart, and Kara E. Osborne:  2012 Outstanding Camper Awards
Derek G. Luchik: Society of American Foresters Senior Award
Randall T. Knapik: William A. Rafferty Award
Randall T. Knapik and Anthony R. Sipes: Stanley Coulter Leadership Awards
Ellen F. Kapitan and Suzanna J. Lyttle: Undergraduate Engagement Awards  
Matthew T. Hamilton and Melissa A. Mills: L. David Mech Distinguished Undergraduate Research Awards
Wesley T. Homoya:  Durward Allen Memorial Award
Colleen J. Hartel: Undergraduate Research Award
Christian M. Houser, Rachel A. Vanausdall, Wesley T. Homoya, and Courtney E. Blouzdis: Outstanding Undergraduates
Undergraduate Student winners at the 2012 FNR Research Symposium:
First Place: Melissa Mills
Second Place: Jade Tonos
Third Place: Jon Moore


Horticulture and Landscape Architecture


Jennifer Dennis: Nominated for the Richard L. Kohls Outstanding Undergraduate Teacher in the College of Agriculture; Nominated for the Purdue University Charles B. Murphy Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award.
Burkhard Schulz: National Science Foundation CAREER Research Award
Rob Sovinski: Nominated for the David C. Pfendler Outstanding Counselor Award


Jessica Brazelton (Ph.D. 2012) and Michaelann Kresel (AGEC student and President of Hort Club), members of a team of four students, received the top prize for their development of Ceres Cosmetics in the corn and soybean utilization competition. 
Mokhles Elsysy: Purdue University Applied Management Principles (AMP) Program for Ph.D. Students. 
Elisabeth Svedin: top poster prize at the Plant Genomes to Phenomes Symposium at the Danforth Plant Science Center, St. Louis.  The title of her poster was “Tetraploidy in natural populations of Arabidopsis thaliana is a transient character state” by Elisabeth Svedin, Tena Graham and Brian Dilkes. 
Heejin Yoo: Certificate of Excellence Award for her poster “Phenylalanine biosynthesis in petunia flowers.”   Presented by the Office of Interdisciplinary Graduate Programs for Heejin’s first-place poster among the Integrative Plant Sciences Group of PULSe.


Elizabeth Buescher: AFRI NIFA Postdoctoral Fellowship
Joshua Widhalm: AFRI NIFA Postdoctoral Fellowship


Jada Powlen, Outstanding Freshman
Moriah Yearwood, Outstanding Sophomore
Michael Baird, Outstanding Junior
Yifei (Wendy) Wang, Outstanding Senior
Scott Peters: 4.0 grade point average

Landscape Architecture Program:
Michele Dyer, Outstanding Freshman
Nikki Ye, Outstanding Sophomore
Scott Peters, Outstanding Junior
Wendy Wang, Outstanding Senior

Honor and Merit Awards from the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA):
Wendy Wang, Brian Velleman: American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) Honor Awards
Andrew Valestin: American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) Merit Award

LA Program awards and scholarships:
Malachi Peercy: Recipient of the Molnar Scholarship for Outstanding Cooperative Employment Experience
Wendy Wang: Landscape Architecture Foundation’s Olmsted Scholar award, recognizing students with “exceptional leadership potential to influence the landscape architecture profession”
Steve Walz: The Henry W. Gilbert Award of Merit (for juniors and seniors in landscape architecture or landscape horticulture; presented by the Indiana Nursery and Landscape Association)


International Programs in Agriculture

PICS Team, led by Larry Murdock, ENTM: International Integrated Pest Management Award for Excellence. Team members:

Laurie Kitch
Dick Shade
Katy Ibrahim
Georges Ntoukam
Moffi Ta’Ama* (deceased)
Ibrahim Baoua
Dieudonne Baributsa
Jess Lowenberg-DeBoer
Heather Fabries
Tahirou Abdoulaye
Bokar Moussa



Youth Development and Agricultural Education


Natalie Carroll: 2011 Communications Concepts APEX  Award for Publication Excellence: Green Materials
Linda Chezem: Appointed to National Advisory Council on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism of the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA)
Levon Esters: Early Career Award; 2011 North Central AAAE Outstanding Innovative Poster Award; 2011 NIFA/USDA Peer Review Panel Women and Minorities in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Fields North Central AAAE Outstanding Research Poster Award; 2011 NACTA (North American Colleges and Teachers of Agriculture) Teacher Fellow Award; 2011 Praxis Agriculture National Advisory Committee
Neil Knobloch: Department Outstanding Graduate Educator; 2011 Strathmore’s Who’s Who for Executives and Professionals
Kathryn Orvis: Outstanding Undergraduate Teacher


Abigail Borron: Outstanding Service to Students
Whitney Siegfried: 2011 Association for Communication Excellence Outstanding Thesis


Emelia Kratz, Outstanding Sophomore
Lisa Schluttenhofer, Outstanding Senior



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