May 2013

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From the Dean

jay akridgeThis issue of InFocus is devoted entirely to celebrating all our award winners in the College of Agriculture throughout the 2012-2013 academic year.

Congratulations to all of our award and recognition recipients, and thanks to all of those who supported our winners in the classroom, put together award nominations, or were involved in the process in some way. We work hard to make sure everything is included here, but if we missed any award winners, let us know!

Hard as it is to believe, another very busy academic year has come to an end. Thanks very much to all of you for all you do for Purdue Agriculture. Have a great summer!

All the best,



University Awards and Recognitions


applegateBruce Applegate, Food Science: 2013 Patent Honoree





boehljeMike Boehlje, Agricultural Economics: Purdue Extended Campus Excellence in Distance Learning





borronAbigail Borron, Youth Development and Agricultural Education: Teaching Academy




buckmasterDennis Buckmaster, Agricultural and Biological Engineering: David C. Pfendler Outstanding Counselor Award




downeyScott Downey, Agricultural Economics: Teaching Academy





grayAllan Gray, Agricultural Economics: Land O'Lakes Chair in Food and Agribusiness




gramigBen Gramig, Agricultural Economics: Teaching for Tomorrow Fellowship





gundersonMichael Gunderson, Agricultural Economics: Purdue Extended Campus Excellence in Distance Learning





hillCatherine Hill, Entomology: University Faculty Scholar





ilelejiKlein Ileleji, Agricultural and Biological Engineering: 2013 Patent Honoree





irudayarajJoseph Irudayaraj, Agricultural and Biological Engineering: Entrepreneurial Leadership Academy





ivantysynovaMonika Ivantysynova, Agricultural and Biological Engineering: 2013 Patent Honoree




jacobsDouglass Jacobs, Forestry and Natural Resources: Fred M. vanEck Chair in Forest Biology





krutzGary Krutz, Agricultural and Biological Engineering: 2013 Patent Honoree





lossieAmy Lossie, Animal Sciences: Teaching for Tomorrow Fellowship





lumkesJohn Lumkes, Agricultural and Biological Engineering: Entrepreneurial Leadership Academy




morganMark Morgan, Food Science: Entrepreneurial Leadership Academy; 2013 Patent Honoree




oliverHayley Oliver, Food Science: Teaching for Tomorrow Award





pijanowskiBryan Pijanowski, Forestry and Natural Resources: University Faculty Scholar




rickusJenna Rickus, Agricultural and Biological Engineering: Entrepreneurial Leadership Academy; 2013 Patent Honoree




rotarSean Rotar, Horticulture and Landscape Architecture: Teaching for Tomorrow Award




shivelyGerald Shively, Agricultural Economics: CIC-Academic Leadership Program Fellow




andy taoW. Andy Tao, Biochemistry: Entrepreneurial Leadership Academy Scholar





bernie taoBernard Tao, Agricultural and Biological Engineering: 2013 Patent Honoree




turpinTom Turpin, Entomology: Honorary Old Master




waddellJolena Waddell, Animal Sciences: Teaching for Tomorrow Award





woloshukCharles Woloshuk, Botany and Plant Pathology: Fellowship for Study in a Second Discipline





andersonAnna Anderson, Botany and Plant Pathology, 2013 Eleanor Kaplan Award for Exceptional Customer Service.





mowPam Mow, Botany and Plant Pathology: 2012 Eudoxia Girard Martin Memorial Staff Recognition Award.






donaldsonLaura Donaldson, Agricultural Economics: 2013 Flora Roberts Award for Outstanding Senior Woman



hullTameca Hull, Animal Sciences: Black Caucus of Faculty and Staff Service and Leadership Award





lalandMercedes LaLand, Biochemistry: Black Caucus of Faculty and Staff PBAO Endowed Scholarship





orearEric O'Rear, Agricultural Economics: Black Graduate Student Association Dr. Luther S. Williams Leadership Award




rangelGabriel Rangel, Biochemistry: 2013 G.A. Ross Award for Outstanding Senior Man




reyesPeter Mercado-Reyes, Biochemistry: Roger Blalock Emerging Leader Award





troxelJackson Troxel, Agricultural Economics: 2013 France Córdova Outstanding Leadership Award




Agriculture students featured in "5 Students Who..."

backusStephen Backus, Forestry and Natural Resources: Fun Maker





farrarBailey Farrer, Animal Sciences: Legacy Maker




maurerAbigail Maurer, Youth Development and Agricultural Education: News Maker




amodtZachary Amodt, Entomology: Patent Maker




Black Caucus of Faculty and Staff Academic Honors:Cassidy Howard; Philip Williams; Sephora Hibbler; Mercedes LaLand; Camille Applewhite; Alexis Bennett; Tobie Merrill; Hannah Thomas

College of Agriculture students elected to Phi Beta Kappa: Seniors: Kathryn Alleva; Lotti Brose; Jason Chen; James Dircksen; Courtney Hayes; Katelyn Headings; Kendra Hedge; Kayleen Herb; Wesley Homoya; Ryan Klobusnik; Olivia Leonard; Lori Nussbaum; Benjamin Schmitt; Bradley Schmitt; Carlotta Stevens; Benjamin Walker; Michael Wenndt; Virginia Wildt; David Wilson. Juniors: Megan Brunn; Bailey Landis; Hanna Pizzato

College Awards and Recognitions



bigelowCale Bigelow, Agronomy: Richard L. Kohls Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award




bhuniaArun Bhunia, Food Science: Outstanding Graduate Educator





ferruzziMario Ferruzzi, Food Science: Agricultural Research Award





oliverHaley Oliver, Food Science: Richard L. Kohls Early Career Award





Purdue Agriculture 2013 TEAM Award: Imprelis Herbicide Injury Response Team

TEAM awardAgronomy - Aaron J. Patton
Agricultural Communication - Keith Robinson, Kevin Leigh Smith
Botany and Plant Pathology - Janna L. Beckerman
Entomology - Clifford S. Sadof
Horticulture and Landscape Architecture - Stephen C. Weller
Office of the Indiana State Chemist - Joseph D. Becovitz, Elizabeth C. Carter, Scott M. Farris, Douglas R. Felix, Kevin W. Gibson, Joni D. Herman, Jay Kelley, Jason S. Kong, Jianming Lei, Kevin W. Neal, Matthew E. Pearson, Leo A. Reed, Andrew R. Roth, George N. Saxton, David E. Scott, Thomas L. Smith, Patricia L. Waller, Ping Wan, Edward M. White, Natalie C. Wilson
Plant and Pest Diagnostic Laboratory-Botany and Plant Pathology - Tom C. Creswell, Amy M. Deitrich, Anna M. Meier, Gail E. Ruhl, Christopher L. Speers


andersonAnna Anderson, BTNY business office: 2012 College of Agriculture Business Office Service Award





shoemakerGwen Shoemaker, Food Science: Outstanding Service to Students






rangelGabe Rangel, Outstanding Senior





whittakerErin Whittaker, Outstanding Junior





ericksonEmily Erickson, Outstanding Sophomore





coxSarah Cox, Outstanding Freshman





Lindsay Bingham, Abigail Mauer, HannahJoy Pheasant: Townsend Communication in Agriculture Program, Presentation Speaking

Courtney Mann, HannaJoy Pheasant, Amanda Gee: Townsend Communication in Agriculture Program, Writing

College of Agriculture winners at the annual Undergraduate Research Poster Symposium:

Trevor Lim, Joshua Jackson, Erika Mendoza, and Rebecca Katy (Food Science)—COA Dean’s Choice Award

Kimberly Lutz (Animal Sciences)—COA Dean’s Choice Award

Erin Nicklow (Biochemistry)—Honors College Award for the Life Sciences category




Agriculture Administration

John Baugh: Beck's Hybrids Beyond the Fence Awards for outstanding support and promotion of Indiana agriculture; Friend of Indiana Agriculture award for outstanding contributions to agriculture by a non-farmer


Agricultural Communication

The following staff won awards from the Association for Communication Excellence in Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Life and Human Sciences:

The ACE award entry "Lafayette Science Café," won the gold award in Class 35a and Outstanding Professional Skill winner in Marketing and Media Relations. Team members – Brian Wallheimer, Dan Annarino, Sharon Katz and Jamie Loizzo.

The ACE award entry "Salad Dressing Study," is the gold award winner in Class 37 – single marketing item for Brian Wallheimer.

The ACE award entry "Purdue Master Gardener Manual," is this year’s gold award winner in Class 21 – one to full color popular publications. Those who worked on the project were - Kevin Leigh Smith and Tim Thompson

The ACE award entry "Midwest Cover Crops Field Guide," is this year’s gold award winner in Class 22 – technical publications. Team Members - Kevin Leigh Smith and Russell Merzdorf

The ACE award entry "Eat Clean," a food safety communication project, won gold in Class 42 - "Writing for Targeted Publics." Team members - Abigail Borron, Mark Tucker, Carol McGrew, Dan Annarino, Hyunyi Cho, Brooke Friley, (both Cho and Friley in the Dept. of Comm at Purdue) and Jeff LeJeune, (Ohio State)

The ACE award entry "Indiana Drought" is this year’s bronze award winner in Class 36 – Media relations campaign. Team members were Steve Cain, Tom Campbell, Joan Crow, Steve Doyle, Beth Forbes, Wright Frazier, Abby Hostetler, Sharon Katz, Steve Leer, Jamie Loizzo, Olivia Maddox, Keith Robinson, Kevin Smith, Jennifer Stewart, Tim Thompson, Brian Wallheimer.



ACMT Certification (Apple Certified Macintosh Technician), Part I: Jessica Rusco; Carol Reisert; Nishee Johnson; Rob Blue; Rick Rodriguez; Dan Rhine

Technical Management Institute: Kirby Kalbaugh; Top Pluimer; Rick Rodriquez; Ed Stanisz; Pat Smoker; Rick Westerman

ACMT Certification (Apple Certified Macintosh Technician), Part II: Carol Reisert; Nishee Johnson; Rob Blue; Brandon Kerns; Rick Rodriguez; Dan Rhine

American Management Association – Voice of Leadership: Eric Adams; Leanne McGiveron; Rick Rodriquez; Ed Stanisz; Pat Smoker

Dan Rhine - Knowledge Center Support Foundations

Rick Rodriguez - Support Center Manager

Leanne McGiveron - Service Value and Quality Management

Tom Pluimer - Technical Management Institute

Charlie Smith - CIW JavaScript Specialist; CIW Web Design Specialist; CIW Web Foundations Associate; CompTIA A+ Practical Application; Microsoft Technology Associate

Benjamin Fox – Microsoft Specialist; HTML5 with Javascript & CSS3


Agricultural and Biological Engineering


Dennis Buckmaster: 2012-2013 ABE Outstanding Department Counselor

Bernie Engel: APLU Food Systems Leadership Institute

Dan Ess: 2012-2013 ABE Outstanding Department Teacher – Agriculture

Nathan Mosier: 2012-2013 ABE Outstanding Department Teacher – Engineering
Klein Ileleji; Monika Ivantysynova; Gary Krutz; Jenna Rickus; Bernard Tao: Honored at PRF 8th Annual Inventors Recognition Reception

Don Jones, William Field, Dennis Buckmaster: 2012 Educational Aids Blue Ribbon Award (ASABE) “Cow-Calf Production in the US Corn Belt”

Breaking New Ground: ASABE Blue Ribbon for the website

Graduate Students:

2013 ABE Outstanding Graduate Student Awards:
M.S. – Barron Hewetson
Ph.D. – Cibin Raj

Anne Dare: Celebration of Graduate Student Teaching Honoree

Sujan Dhar: 2nd place at the NFPA Workforce Summit and CCEFP Annual Meeting Poser Session Contest (Fluid Structure Interaction Modeling of Lubricating Interfaces in Gear Machines)

Caitlin Grady and Fuschia Hoover: Fellows. National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program

Ulhas Kadam: Magoon Award Honoree

Brittany Newell: College of Engineering Outstanding Researcher Award

Matteo Pelosi and Monika Ivantysynova: Best Paper award at the ASME/Bath Symposium on Fluid Power & Motion Control

Guido Ritelli: Graduate Mentor of the Summer Award (SURF Research Symposium)

Andrew Schenk: Backe Medal (7th FPNI PhD Symposium, Reggio Emilia, Italy) “The Influence of Swashplate Elastohydrodynamic Deformation in the Slipper-Swashplate Interface”

Marco Zecchi: Distinguished Paper Recognition Award (7th FPNI PhD Symposium, Reggio Emilia, Italy) “An investigation of the impact of micro surface shaping on the sylinder block/valve plate inter-face performance through a novel thermo-elasto-hydrodynamic model”

Undergraduate Students:

2012-2013 ABE Outstanding Department Undergraduates
Agricultural Engineering:
Sophomore – Caroline Schier
Junior – Jordan Garrity
Senior – HannahJoy Pheasant

Agricultural Systems Management:
Freshman – Peyton Hite
Sophomore – Joel Waterman
Junior – Adam Sills
Senior – Eli Fred

Biological Engineering:
Freshman – Sarah Cox
Sophomore – James Nolan
Junior – Jessica Wade
Senior – Sean Kearney

Sean Kearney: David C. Pfendler Scholar

Purdue iGEM Team (Chris Thompson, Amanda Shanley, Sean Kearney, August Clevenger, James Nolan, Mrudula Vemuri, Rachel Feltner, Laan Yeung, Gordon Showalter, Peter Mercado, Namita Balachander, Arthi Anand, Christopher Soverns, Haefa Mansour) won a gold medal for their project “Synthetic Biology in the Community: Accessible Biotechnology for Water Treatment”


Agricultural Economics


Joan Fulton: 2012 PUCESA Outstanding Extension Specialist Award

Allan Gray: National Association of Agricultural Economics Administrators Early Career Leadership Award

Gerald Shiveley: 2012-13 Fellow of the Committee on Institutional Cooperation Academic Leadership Program (CIC-ALP).


Marsha Pritchard: Outstanding Service Award, Clerical  

Lou Ann Baugh: Outstanding Service Award, Admin Professional              

Graduate Students:

Michelle Pratt: Outstanding M.S. Thesis                        

Ce Wu: Outstanding Ph.D. Dissertation                          

E.M. Sajeev:  1st Place Poster                                             

Undergraduate Students:

Sam Koester; Ernest Lesma: Top Senior Scholar          

Jackson Troxel: David and Stacy Hefty Outstanding Senior in AgEcon      

Erin Whittaker: Outstanding Junior                                  

Luke Leichty: Outstanding Sophomore                           

Shelby Swain: Outstanding Freshman                            

Michael Baird: 2nd place, undergraduate division, Burton D. Morgan Business Plan Competition      



Sylvie Brouder: Food Systems Leadership Institute Fellow, 2012; Seeds for Success; Wickersham Chair of Excellence in Agricultural Research, 2012

Shaun Casteel: “Soybean Success” newsletter series in the Indiana Prairie Farmer was recognized as an outstanding example of Extension education by the American Society of Agronomy; 2013 Early Career Representative to the American Society of Agronomy Board of Directors; Vice Chair of the Extension Education Community with the Agronomy Society of Agronomy, 2012

Gebisa Ejeta: Honorary Doctorate from Jimma University, Ethiopia, 2012; 2013 College of Agriculture’s Millionaires Club

Richard Grant: Agronomy nominee for the 2013 David C. Pfendler Outstanding Undergraduate Counselor Award; Distinguished Professor, Mexico Academy of Sciences, 2012

Yiwei Jiang: member of Sigma Xi, 2012

Brad Joern: 2012 Fellow, Soil Society Science of America

Keith Johnson: 2012 Educational Aids Blue Ribbon Award – Comprehensive Category Publication, American Society of Agricultural And biological Engineers. 

Eileen Kladivko, Corey Gerber, Kevin Smith, and the entire Midwest Cover Crops Team received the Gold Award for technical publications from the Association for Communication Excellence, Midwest Cover Crops Field Guide

Linda Lee: 2013 Purdue Graduate Student Government Outstanding Faculty Mentor Recognition Award. 

Cindy Nakatsu: 2012 Chair, Sigma Xi Purdue University Chapter

Dev Niyogi: 2013 College of Agriculture’s Millionaires Club

Phillip Owens: 2013 Soil Science Society of America Pedology Program Chair

Aaron Patton and Daniel Weisenberger: 2012 Certificate of Excellence, “Turfgrass Weed Control for Professionals Extension Education Materials Contest, 2012, American Society of Agronomy

Aaron Patton: 2012 Service Learning Faculty Development Program; Agronomy nominee for 2013 Richard L. Kohls Early Career Award. 

Ron Turco: 2013 Soil Science Society of America Program Planning Officer

Jeffrey Volenec: Board of Directors, Agronomic Science Foundation; Purdue University Excellence in Research Seed for Success Award

Tony Vyn: 2012 Werner L. Nelson Researcher of the Year Award, Fluid Fertilizer Foundation; Agronomy nominee for 2013 Outstanding Graduate Educator Award. 

Cliff Weil: 2012 Chair, Midwest Section, American Society for Plant Biology


Jane Wiercioch: Agronomy nominee for the 2013 Outstanding Service to Student Award. 

Graduate Students:
Jennifer Burks: Agronomy Nominee for the 2013 Gerald O. Mott Award – Jennifer Burks

Michael Mastare: Bilsland Dissertation Fellowship Award; CETA Award 2013; Joe L. White Graduate Student Award in Soil Chemistry and Mineralogy; Outstanding Graduate Teaching Award

Peter Kovacs, Travis Sondgerath: CIE Graduate Teaching Certificate 2013

Rima Thapa and Patrick Ongom: John D. Axtell Graduate Student Award in Plant Breeding and Genetics

Jason Roth: M.O. Pence Graduate Scholarship

Jon Trappe: Marvin and Barbara Phillips Scholarship           

Quincy Law: Outstanding Graduate Extension Award

Edwin Suarez: Outstanding Graduate Research Award (MS)

Ronald Navarrete-Ganchozo: Outstanding Graduate Research Award (PhD)

Phil Long and Peter Kovacs: Wayne P. Rothgeb Memorial Scholarship

Raymond Lindsey and Tyler Tiede: Wyman E. Nyquist Scholarship

Undergraduate Students:

Agronomy Nominee for Commencement Student Responder – Joseph Heneghan

Agronomy Nominee for Martin C. Jischke Outstanding International Student Award – Jason Chen

Agronomy Nominee for the ASA Outstanding Senior Award – John R. Scott

Agronomy Nominee for the Flora Roberts Award (Outstanding Senior Woman) – Sara Alford

Agronomy Nominee for the G.A. Ross Award (Outstanding Senior Man) – Joseph M. Heneghan

Agronomy Outstanding Freshman – Kathryn M. Graf

Agronomy Outstanding Junior – Daniel Sweeney

Agronomy Outstanding Senior – Joseph M. Heneghan

Agronomy Outstanding Sophomore – Matthew J. Dudley

Arvin R. (Rudy) Hilst Memorial Scholarship – Martha R. Kille, Kelsey Tuholski, Uday Mitsuyasu, Valerie A. Cross

Bruce F. Hardy Memorial Scholarship – Jacob Harden

Carol A. Thiele Memorial Scholarship – Danielle Atkins, Gina L. Jones, Allison Streeter, Elizabeth Williams

Charles and Rosalee Schmidt Scholarship in Agronomy – Caleb J. Lattimer

Dr. J.B. Peterson Scholarship in Agronomy (sponsored by Bruce A. and Katherina M. Maunder Scholarship Endowment) – Allison Streeter

Dr. Wayne Keim Scholarship in Agronomy (sponsored by Bruce A. and Katherina M. Maunder Scholarship Endowment) – Lori Nussbaum

Emerson J. Kuhn Scholarship – Austin M. Pearson, Ashley Sheetz

F. E. Robbins Scholarship – John R. Scott, Cameron W. Cox, Austin M. Pearson, Nick McLennan

James J. Vorst Cropping Systems and Soil Science Scholarship – Brandon Ertel

Keim Family Scholarship – Sara L. Alford, Daniel Sweeney, Uday Mitsuyasu, Andrew Katz

Kenneth and Mary Cohee Crop and Soil Science Award – Danielle Atkins, Lori Nussbaum, Joseph Heneghan

Kenneth B. and Mary Cohee Scholarship in Agronomy – Lori Nussbaum, Sara L. Alford, Joseph Heneghan, Gina L. Jones, Nick McLennan, Allison Streeter, Elizabeth Williams, Brandon Ertel, John Wanhainen, William Ritter, Matthew R. Price

M.O. Pence Undergraduate Scholarship – Martha Kille

Ozzie Luetkemeier Endowment in Agronomy – Kelsey Tuholski, Melanie Jones, Caleb J. Lattimer, Elizabeth Gorski

Seever Award – Austin C. James

Turf Scholarships 2012-2013:
Don Fassnacht Scholarship – Zachary Ferguson

MRTF Golf Day Scholarship (presented by Syngenta) – Christopher J. Coy

Max Slack Scholarship – Jada Powlen

William H. Daniel Graduate Scholarship – W. Tracy Tudor Jr.

William H. Daniel Graduate Scholarship – Quincy D. Law

William H. Daniel Undergraduate Scholarship – Andrew J. Wilhelm

Midwest Regional Turf Foundation Scholarship –
Jada Powlen, Matthew Dudley, Clayton Walters, Brock Miller, Andrew Marking, Gabriel Macke, Nate D. Brown

Undergraduate Students:

Kelsey Tuholski, Mid America Crop Life Association Young Leader Scholarship  

Allison Turner, NRES: 2013-2014 Udall Scholar

Natural Resources and Environmental Science Program:

Outstanding Freshman: Nicole Smith

Outstanding Sophomore: My-Lea Coulombe-Quach

Outstanding Junior: Brittany Sievers

Outstanding Senior: Katheryn Best


Animal Sciences



Layi Adeola: 2012 Broiler Research Award, Poultry Science meeting

Paul Ebner: National Extension Leadership Development 2012 Class

Patricia “Scotti” Hester: Golden Egg Award, Indiana State Poultry Association; 2013 Midwest Poultry Consortium service award

Ron Lemenager: Indiana Beef Cattle Association’s 2012 Outstanding Cattleman Award

Amy Lossie: Seed for Success at the Purdue Research Award Ceremony; College of Agriculture Millionaire’s Club; Finalist for 2013 American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Science Policy Fellowship

Shihuan Kuang: 2012 Showalter Trustee award winner

Tamilee Nennich: Purdue University Cooperative Extension Specialist Association (PUCESA) Early Career Award

Terry Stewart and Ron Lemenager: 2012 ASABE Educational Aids Blue Ribbon Award

Paul Ebner and Jolena Waddell participated in the “Back to Class” program with a session entitled “What’s Really in Your Burger”.  As a result of the success of their class, Jolena and Paul were invited to present their program at the “Best of the Back to Class” in Naples FL in February. 

Departmental "Ear Tag" Awards: Best Advisors: Ashley York and Mark Russell, Most Helpful: Barry Delks, Best Lecture: Jolena Waddell, Best Lab: Mike Neary, Toughest Exam: Scott Mills; Best Trip of the Year: Barry Delks and Mark Russell-ANSC181, Best ASREC Unit: Dairy Unit, and Favorite ANSC Experience: Academic Quadrathalon


Pat Jonas and JoAnn Galyon: Honorary Members of the Block & Bridle Club

Phil Reid: College of Agriculture Outstanding Service to Students award

Graduate Students

Keegan Gay: 2012 American Dairy Science Association (ADSA) MS Oral Presentation competition winner

Patrick Gunn: 2012 North American Colleges and Teachers of Agriculture (NACTA) Graduate Student Teaching Award.

Zach Rambo: Pinnacle Award for Outstanding Graduate Students in Animal Nutrition, 2012 American Society of Animal Sciences national meeting; 2012 North American Colleges and Teachers of Agriculture (NACTA) Graduate Student Teaching Award

Heather Tucker: American Dairy Science Association Outstanding PhD Poster Competition award, Joint Annual Meeting of ASAS, ADSA, CSAS; Midwest ADSA Young Scholar Award from the American Dairy Science Association

Giovana Vieria: Bilsland Dissertation Fellowship

2012 Department of Animal Sciences LOUJA Winners:  Tana Dennis – Evaluation of feed delivery methods for growing dairy heifers; Sarah Fraley – Effect of dietary potassium on water intake and rumen dynamics;  Chiao-Ling Lo – Notchless impacts multiple signaling pathways during pre-implantation development; and Chia-Li Shih The role of MMP-13 in adipocyte differentiation.

2012 Department of Animal Sciences Celebration of Science winners include:







Undergraduate Students:

Outstanding  Freshman – Abigail Haffner

Outstanding Sophomore – Acacia Herr

Outstanding Junior – Jennifer Colvill

Outstanding Senior – Kelli Kirtley

Bailey Farrar: 2013 Pork Board Scholarship

Kelli Kirtley: Mortar Board Scholarship

Kendra Hedge: College of Agriculture 400 Club




Jim Forney: Departmental nominee, Kohls Outstanding Undergraduate Teacher; 2013 Trustee Teaching Award from the Indiana University Board of Trustees

Mark Hall: Bindley Bioscience Center Fellow for 2013-2014

Joe Ogas: Departmental nominee, David C. Pfendler Outstanding Undergraduate Counselor

Sandra Rossie: Departmental nominee, Outstanding Graduate Educator


Senior Researcher Award – Nick Bonawitz

Linda Siersema Staff Excellence Award – Linda Siersema

Graduate Students:

Arnold K. Balls Award; Bilsland Dissertation Fellowship – Christie Eissler

Hickory Stick Award  – Brendan Powers

Henry A. Moses Award – Ji Chen

Beach Family Travel Grant – Amjad Nasir and Li Pan

Henry Weiner Travel Grant – Kit Ma

PRF Research – Nina Serratore

Undergraduate Students:

Outstanding Freshman – Erin Morrison

Outstanding Sophomore – Emily Erickson

Outstanding Junior – Erin Nicklow

Outstanding Senior – Gabe Rangel

Emily Erickson: Goldwater Scholarship Honorable Mention; Astronaut Scholarship nominee

Gabe Rangel: Howard Hughes Medical Institute Gilliam Fellowship for Advanced Study


Botany and Plant Pathology

Cathie Aime:  Fellow of the Mycological Society of America

Nick Carpita:  Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science

Steve Hallett: Botany and Plant Pathology Outstanding Teaching Award

Rick Latin: 2012 Midwest Regional Turf Foundation Award of Achievement

Ray Martyn:  Best Presentation Award, 2012 EUCARPIA Cucurbitaceae meeting in Turkey

Kiersten Wise:  2012 Experiment Station Section Award of Excellence in Multistate Research presented by NIFE and APLU. 

John Cavaletto: Botany and Plant Pathology Outstanding Service to Students Award

Gail Ruhl, 2012 Excellence in Extension Award from the American Phytopathological Society

Fred Whitford:  North Central Region Award for Excellence in Extension, APLU; Hovde Award for Service to Rural Indiana

Imprelis Herbicide Injury Response Team: 2012 PUCESA Team Award. BTNY members on this team are:  Tom Creswell, Gail Ruhl, Amy Deitrich, Anna Meier, Chris Speers,  and Janna Beckerman. 

Graduate Students:
Paul Marquardt:  2012 Outstanding Graduate Student, North Central Weed Science Society

Rachel Koch:  D. Woods Thomas Memorial Fund to Support International Studies; Mycological Society of America’s Graduate Research Prize for one of 2 best student poster presentations; MSA’s Forest Fungal Ecology Award

Rachel Koch and Jorge Diaz-Valderrama: MSA Mentor Student Travel Award

Joey Walker: 2013 CETA Teaching Award from the Department of Botany and Plant Pathology

Undergraduate Students:
Outstanding Senior - Kloe Belush

Outstanding Junior – Christian Webb

Outstanding Sophomore – Jess Bunchek

Outstanding Freshman – Melanie Wilson





Linda Mason: PUCESA Career Award           

Larry Murdock: Chevalier de l'Ordre National du Burkina Faso       

Ricky Foster:  College Millionaire's Club Award             

Ian Kaplan: Presidential Early Career Award in Science and Engineering; Entomology Department Early Career Award    

Christian Krupke: Outstanding Graduate Educator     

Jonathan Neal: Outstanding Undergraduate Teacher: Oustanding Undergraduate Counselor   

Timothy Gibb: Provost Award 25 Years of Service                                

Eileen Luke: Provost Award 30 Years of Service    

John Obermeyer: Outstanding Service Award in Entomology; Provost Award 25 Years of Service                     

Amanda Pendleton: Outstanding Service to Students; Provost Award 10 Years of Service                                
Graduate Students:

Carmen Blubaugh: Bob Oakes Memorial/Weisburger family Scholarship                             

Mahsa Fardisi: Norm Ehmann/Univar USA Scholarship                              

Zachary Karl: BASF Professional Pest Control Scholarship           

Daniel Martin: Bob Oakes Memorial/Weisburger Family Scholarship; CETA Excellence in Teaching Award

Aaron Myers: Pest Management Professional Magazine Scholarship                    

Mary Rushton: Pest Management Professional Magazine Scholarship                    

Adam Salyer: Gerald Leeb Scholarship       

Steven Smith:  C. C. Alexander Memorial Scholarship                                

Yanlin (Kevin) Tian: National Pest Management Association Scholarship         

Scott Williams: William L. Brehm Memorial Scholarship           

Adam Witte: John J. Davis Memorial Scholarship

Undergraduate Students:

Lauren Beebe: A-Mark Pest Management/Eli Lilly Scholarship           

Scottie Brittsan: George E. Gould Scholarship; Austin M. Frishman Scholarship     

Alyssa Collins: J. Edwin Sameth Memorial Scholarship                                

Alicia Conrad: John J. Davis Memorial Scholarship                                

Frances Cooper: Austin M. Frishman Scholarship     

Danielle Craig: C. C. Alexander Memorial Scholarship                                

Serena Gross: Oser Family Scholarship        

Elaina Grott: J. Edwin Sameth Memorial Scholarship                                

Emily Justus: Rhodes Scholarship: Outstanding Freshman in Entomology                                               

Matthew Keen: John J. Davis Memorial Scholarship                                

Caryn Michel: George E. Gould Scholarship; Outstanding Junior in Entomology   

Carly Morris: John J. Davis Memorial Scholarship                                

Emily Mroczkiewicz: George E. Gould Scholarship           

Kyle Pluchar: Indiana Pest Management Association Memorial Scholarship                      

Hannah Quellhorst:  George E. Gould Scholarship           

Stephanie Russell: John J. Davis Memorial Scholarship                                

Susanna Sisk: J.T. Eaton & Company Scholarship  

Julia Snyder: Rhodes Scholarship; Outstanding Sophomore in Entomology                                           

Tyler Stewart: John J. Davis Memorial Scholarship; Outstanding Senior in Entomology  

Sean Tormoehlen: John J. Davis Memorial Scholarship                                

Jeffery Trembacki: J.T. Eaton & Company Scholarship  

Chelsea Wood: A-Mark Pest Management/Eli Lilly Scholarship           

Huizhe (Roy) Zhou: William L. Brehm Memorial Scholarship         


Food Science


Avtar Handa: Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science

Bruce Hamaker: AACCI (American Association of Cereal Chemists International) Alsberg-French-Schoch Award

Suzanne Nielsen: Fellow, Food Systems Leadership Institute

Graduate Students:

Daniel Erickson, selected as finalist in American Association of Cereal Chemists International best student research paper competition

Kacie Ho, National Science Foundation Fellowship

Belinda Christina, Committee of the Education of Teaching Assistants (CETA) Teaching Award

Alyssa Beatty and Amanda Stewart: Center for Instructional Excellence Graduate Teacher Certification

Undergraduate Students:

Morgan Meiser, Outstanding Freshman

Joshua Jackson, Outstanding Sophomore

Patrick Polowsky, Outstanding Junior

Amber Furrer, Outstanding Senior; Outstanding Senior Award, Phi Tau Sigma

Molly McKneight, finalist for Truman Scholarship  

New Inductees into Phi Tau Sigma: Ashley Broady; Tingting Chen; Dennis Cladis; Amber Furrer; Kacie Ho; Joshua Jones; Kaitlin Kaczay; Janathan Kershaw; Amy Hui-Mei Lin; Anbuhkani Muniandy

Food Science College Bowl Team that won the Midwest Regional Competition: Dr. Haley Oliver, Faculty Advisor/Coach; Josh Jones, Ph.D. student; Matt Allan, M.S. student; Ginny Wildt, Senior; Amber Furrer, Senior; Laura Zimmerer, M.S. student


Forestry and Natural Resources


Reuben Goforth: Outstanding Counselor Award

Mike Jenkins: Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award -- Early Career

Bryan Pijanowski, University Faculty Scholar

Linda Prokopy: Outstanding Graduate Educator

Guofan Shao, #2 most highly cited paper published in Landscape Ecology in the last five years

Rod Williams: Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award; Exemplary Faculty Service Award

Hao Zhang, Associate Head of the Department of Statistics


Diana Evans: Outstanding Administrative/Professional staff member, 2012

Julie Pluimer: Outstanding Service to Students Award

Ron Rathfon: 2012 President’s Award from the Southern Indiana Cooperative Weed Management Area  (SICWMA); Fellow, Society of American Foresters (SAF)

Tracey Simmerman: Outstanding Clerical staff member, 2012

Graduate Students:

Sarah L. Dumyahn:  2013 CETA Teaching Award for Forestry and Natural Resources; Graduate School Excellence in Teaching Award

Kyle Earnshaw: Fischer Forestry Fund Graduate Student Scholarship

Anna Fahey: PULSe Outstanding Graduate Student Teaching Award

Nicholas LaBonte: Charles H. Michler Scholarship for the Outstanding Graduate Student Researcher in Forest Biology

Nathan Lichti: Kirkpatrick Memorial Graduate Student Award

Amber Saylor Mase: Second place, graduate student poster competition at the American Meteorological Society annual meeting; First Place, FNR Research Symposium PhD Engagement Poster Award

Joshua Shields: Exemplary Graduate Student Service Award

Micah Stevens: Purdue Graduate Student Government travel grant

Janna Willoughby: Sigma Xi grant for graduate research 

FNR Research Symposium Ph.D. Research Poster Awards:  Joshua Shields (1st place), Micah Stevens (2nd place), Robert Morrissey (Honorable Mention)

FNR Research Symposium M.S. Research Poster Awards:  Amy Miller (1st place), Jessica Wilson (2nd place), Jenny Zenobio (3rd place)

Undergraduate Students:

Kris Brown: Ramsey Scholarship Award from the Indiana Arborist Association; Bartlett Tree Foundation Scholarship

Jessica Rodkey: William A. Rafferty Award for Wildlife Leadership and Citizenship; Stanley Coulter Leadership Award; L. David Mech Distinguished Undergraduate Research Award

Glenn R. Allison Scholarship:  Katherine Walker (Freshman), Sarah Ricketts (Sophomore), Melissa Stallard (Junior)

Gladden Scholarships:  Courtney Louden (Freshman), Jasmine Peele (Freshman), Christian Houser (Sophomore), Ivy Widick (Sophomore), Matt Farr (Junior), Jade Tonos (Junior),  and Rachel Vanausdall (Junior)

John Oliver Holwager II Memorial Scholarship: Joni Willits (Sophomore) and Austin Prechtel (Freshman)

Roy C. Brundage Memorial Scholarship:  Jarred Keller

Ewbank-Bishop Endowed Scholarship in Forestry and Natural Resources:  Christian Houser (Sophomore) and Allison Rubeck (Junior)

Pike Lumber Company Scholarship:  Nathan Fishburn

Natural Resources Planning and Decision Making Academic Merit Award:  Andrew Bagnara (Senior)

Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences Academic Merit Awards:  Nicholas Simpson (Sophomore), Wesley Goldsmith (Junior), Sara Andree (Senior)

Outstanding Camper Awards:  Jayson Gallatin, Craig Reckelhoff, Kevin O’Brien

Wildlife Academic Merit Awards:  Seth Peters (Sophomore), Amanda Webb (Junior), and Olivia Leonard

Leadership Award:  Megan Winzeler

Forestry Academic Merit Awards:  Carmen Dobbs (Sophomore), Jarred Keller (Junior), Chris Sullivan (Senior)

Society of American Foresters Outstanding Senior Award:  Craig Reckelhoff

Wood Products Manufacturing Technology:  Jia Qi (Sophomore)

Durward Allen Memorial Award:  Amanda Webb (Junior)

Undergraduate Research Award:  Rachel Vanausdall

Undergraduate Engagement Award:  Wes Homoya

Outstanding Freshman:  Dominique Turney

Outstanding Sophomore:  Carmen Dobbs

Outstanding Junior:  Amanda Webb

Outstanding Senior:  Christina Bienz

FNR Research SymposiumUndergraduate Research Poster Awards:  Olivia Leonard and Jon Moore (1st place); Christopher Sullivan (2nd place); Aaron Cragun (Honorable Mention)


Horticulture and Landscape Architecture


Jennifer Dennis: Departmental nominee, Richard L. Kohls Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award

Avtar Handa: Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science

Robert Sovinski: Departmental nominee, David C. Pfendler Outstanding Counselor Award

Graduate Students:

Purdue University Graduate Student Teaching Award: Ulhas S. Kadam

Incoming Graduate Student Awards: Michael P. Dzakovich, Charles C. Chappelle Graduate Fellowship, Graduate School; Garrett Owen,  Purdue Ross Fellowship, Graduate School; Paul Ecke Scholarship

Norman Best – runner-up for best oral presentation award by a graduate student at the 2013 Midwest Meeting of the American Society of Plant Biologists for his presentation on:  "Interactions with growth media affect the efficiency of the brassinosteroid biosynthesis inhibitor propiconazole in maize.”

Marcia Croft – D. Woods Thomas Memorial International Award in support of her proposal for international research activities in Africa. 

Michael Dzakovich – First Place award in the undergraduate oral competition for his presentation "LED versus HPS Supplemental Lighting Effects on Fruit Quality of Greenhouse Tomato" at the annual meeting of the American Society for Horticultural Science

Matt Rudisill – First Place award in the competition for best poster in the Nutrient Management and Soil and Plant Analysis section of the Soil Science Society of America meeting

Kabelo Segobye – First Place award in the graduate student poster competition in the Herbicide Physiology Section during the North Central Weed Science Society annual meeting. 

Landon Young – award for best graduate poster presentation in his session at the ASA, CSSA and SSSA combined Annual Meetings; 2013 Kaufman Global Scholar

Undergraduate Students:

Outstanding Senior Award – Michael J. Baird

Outstanding Junior Award – Zhicheng Xu

Outstanding Sophomore Award – Jada Sue Powlen

Outstanding Freshman Award – Allison K. Wigger

Laurenz Greene Summer Research Scholarships: Alyssa Hilligoss, Bryce Patz, Audra Franz

Purdue Agricultural Centers Experience (PACE) Award, co-sponsored by ARP and OAP: Alyssa Hilligoss

Purdue Landscape Architecture Program Awards:

Outstanding Freshman – Ariana Detogne

Outstanding Sophomore – Amanda Wenger

Outstanding Junior – Daniel Xu

Outstanding Senior – Steven Walz

Design Awards:
Design Excellence (Junior) – Daniel Xu

Design Excellence (Senior) – Matthew Luce

Special Recognition:
Student Service Award – Andrew Stangel

Olmsted Scholar – Nicholas Mitchell

Molnar Scholarship 2012-13 – Joe Cogswell

ASLA Academic Honor and Merit Awards:
Honor Awards – Zheming Cai, Lana Merrill, Nicholas Mitchell

Merit Awards – Joseph Cogswell, Camille Mahan, Steven Walz

Youth Development and Agricultural Education


Abigail Borron: Richard L. Kohls Early Career Award

Neil Knobloch: Outstanding Graduate Educator; North Central AAAE (American Association of Agricultural Educators) Outstanding 2nd Runner-up Poster Presentation Award

Jerry Peters: David C. Pfendler Outstanding Undergraduate Counselor; 2012 ACE (Association for Communication Excellence) Bronze Award

Allan Talbert: Outstanding Undergraduate Teacher; NAAE (National Association of Agricultural Teachers) Outstanding Cooperation Award, Region 4; Indiana FFA Association Honorary Hoosier FFA Degree


Daniel Gottschalk: 2012 ACE (Association for Communication Excellence) Bronze Award

Steve McKinley:  Outstanding Service to Students; NAE4-HA (National Association of Extension 4-H Agents) Meritorious Service Award; Indiana Extension Educators Association Team Award

Kimber Nicolletti: YWCA Salute to Women Award

Graduate Students:

Lindsay Nobbe-Lafolette: 2012 AAAE (American Association of Agricultural Educators) Outstanding Thesis Award

Inez Ponce de Leon: 2012 ACE (Association for Communication Excellence) Outstanding Dissertation Award

Melissa Welsh: 2013 CETA Outstanding Graduate Teaching Award; Golden Key International Honor Society

Undergraduate Students:

Outstanding Freshman: Sarah Correll, Ag. Education

Outstanding Sophomore:  Armenda Boyer, Ag. Communication

Outstanding Junior: Emmy Kratz, Ag.Education

Outstanding Senior:  Brooklynn Slabaugh, Ag Communication