April 2017

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Special Promotions Issue

Please join us in congratulating these faculty and staff members who have earned promotion in rank this year:



Associate Professor to Professor

Bruce Applegate, Food Science







Colleen Brady, Youth Development and Agricultural Education







Jeffrey Holland, Entomology






Neil Knobloch, Youth Development and Agricultural Education







John Lumkes, Agricultural and Biological Engineering







Pamala Morris, Youth Development and Agricultural Education







Aaron Patton, Horticulture and Landscape Architecture







Kiersten Wise, Botany and Plant Pathology











Assistant Professor to Associate Professor

David Barbarash, Horticulture and Landscape Architecture







Michael Delgado, Agricultural Economics







Lori Hoagland, Horticulture and Landscape Architecture







Jason Hoverman, Forestry and Natural Resources






Juan Sesmero, Agricultural Economics







Jennifer Zaspel, Entomology








Adjunct Assistant to Adjunct Associate Professor


Brandi Schemerhorn, Entomology








Administrative Professional Staff

To Rank 6

Mark Alkire, Office of the Indiana State Chemist






Scott Brand, Agricultural and Biological Engineering







Rebekah Fagan, Horticulture and Landscape Architecture







Steven Hendress, Animal Sciences







Kathryn Moore, Agricultural and Biological Engineering







Kimber Nicoletti-Martinez, Youth Development and Agricultural Education







Benjamin Paxson, Food Science







Rebecca Peer, Agricultural and Biological Engineering






Scott Ratliff, Animal Sciences






Jeffrey Sanson, Agricultural Economics







Brad Shelton, Purdue Agricultural Centers







Gwen Shoemaker, Food Science








Larry Theller, Agricultural and Biological Engineering






Robert Wakeman, Office of the Indiana State Chemist







Deborah Weber, Agricultural Economics










To Rank 5


Angela Archer, Forestry and Natural Resources-Sea Grant







Tammy Beaver, Office of the Indiana State Chemist






Sara Cloutier, Biochemistry







Nathan Engelberth, Agricultural and Biological Engineering







Anthony Franklin, Agricultural and Biological Engineering








Alla Golub, Agricultural Economics






Chris Hoagland, Agronomy







Dawn Parks, Agricultural Reserch at Purdue







Jennifer Stewart-Burton, Agricultural Economics







Mark Straw, Animal Sciences







Tristand Tucker, Purdue Agricultural Centers







Ruth Ann Weiderhaft, Agriculture Administration









To Rank 4


Charles Baldwin, Agricultural and Biological Engineering






Chloe De Perre, Agronomy







Michael Fairchild, Agricultural Economics







Cindie Gosnell, Agricultural Communication







Lisa Gross, Botany and Plant Pathology







Pradnya Jambhulkar, Agriculture Information Technology







Angela Johnson, Botany and Plant Pathology








Tom Kronewitter, Agricultural Communication







Rae Schnur, Office of the Indiana State Chemist







Patricia Sipes, International Programs in Agriculture







Jodi Small, Office of the Indiana State Chemist







Danny Starke, Office of the Indiana State Chemist







Jessica Wandless, Purdue Extension