The Indiana Climate Change Impacts Assessment, based at Purdue University, has compiled the latest scientific research into a series of easily understandable reports about climate change impacts in nine topic areas: climate, water, health, energy, forest and urban ecosystems, aquatic ecosystems, tourism and recreation, agriculture and infrastructure. The assessment team consists of more than 100 experts from Purdue and other Indiana institutions. Read the latest IN CCIA story here.

Climate Change and Indiana’s Energy Sector: A Report from the Indiana Climate Change Impacts Assessment

February 19, 2019 | Community Briefing at Indiana University–Purdue University Library Room Indianapolis, Indiana
News Advisory: Climate report to show shift in Indiana energy demand, sources

News Release: Energy demand, sources will change with Indiana’s climate

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  • The latest #INCCIA report looks at how #ClimateChange impacts heating and cooling energy. Learn how the state’s energy demands & sources are projected to shift. @PurdueCCRC

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    • A new report from the Indiana Climate Change Impacts Assessment (IN CCIA) team describes how the changing climate affects residential and commercial use of energy. Find out how the state’s demand for heating and cooling are projected to shift in the “Climate Change and Indiana’s Energy Sector” report. @PurdueCCRC 


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“The climate is changing, and it’s important that we respond. With this assessment, the Purdue Climate Change Research Center is helping Indiana prepare for the future.”
Tomas Diaz de la Rubia, Executive Director, Purdue Discovery Park

“When Hoosiers plan for the future, we need to take changing weather patterns into account. Our community leaders know this and are ready to act. This assessment will support their efforts, and better planning will make the state more competitive.”
Jeffrey Dukes, Director, Purdue Climate Change Research Center

“We have to be serious about this because it’s going to affect all of our lives.”
Dr. Steven Jay, MD, internal medicine

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