​Building Community Leadership Capacity

This module is an introduction to building leadership capacity for community members especially, recent immigrant populations. With the changing face of the nation, it is important to remember that to be effective in reaching out to all communities; one must make sure information is culturally relative. Each component of this module presents basic elements of leadership essentials and provides an explanation of each element as it relates to American Culture. This module is a guide and offers suggestions but educators should also have their own leadership development materials. This module is just the first stage of leadership development. Community members must understand the roles that various officials play in decision making as well as how to build their individual capacity to create change. Each community must decide what specific topics or issues are important and relevant to their community. When building leadership capacity, one must consider the population and ensure topics are relevant to their lives. When ever possible materials should be available in the participant’s native language or an interpreter should be available, since not speaking English may limit participation. These units are designed to be as experiential as possible, sensitive to various learning and communication styles, and to allow for the sharing of experiences and interaction among group members. However, it is up to the individual educator to learn more about the culture of the group/s she/he will be working with. Conducting this research is part of developing an awareness of your own cultural preferences, stereotypes, and biases as well as learning about your counterpart’s cultural values, beliefs, and attitudes, as well as bout the socio-economic, political, historical, and philosophical roots of the cultures that underpin them (Punzo, 2000. vi)”.

Unit 1: What is a Leader?

Unit 2: Effective Communication

Unit 3: Conflict Management

Unit 4: Building an Effective Team

Unit 5: Steps to Organizing a Successful Community Event