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Hunger, malnutrition, and poverty remain stubbornly persistent in many developing countries despite advances made in agriculture productivity in recent years. This is due in part to high food losses, especially after harvest. The proposed research will support and strengthen the post-harvest segment of the value chain using a market-led approach to overcome constraints that create food losses in targeted Feed the Future (FTF) countries. This will be achieved through development and use of on-farm drying and storage technologies coupled with food processing innovations and mechanisms of dissemination that link farmers to markets. The project will focus on cereal (maize, rice, sorghum, millet) and grain legume (cowpea, soybean, peanut) value chains in Kenya and Senegal with two core research components: 1) grain drying and storage, and 2) food processing and nutrition. We also plan to work on a broader range of value chains, or critical aspects of them, in these and other FTF countries by garnering Associate Awards from USAID missions. The cross-cutting issues of gender, nutrition, and environment will be taken into account at all stages of the project cycle, from baseline assessment and analysis through research implementation, monitoring, and evaluation. ​​​