ASSESSING Strengths of Your Community


This module will provide ideas and resources to Extension staff to better serve all residents of their county/state. It will help determine where and how to start educational programming efforts by providing ideas, strategies, resources, and examples in five units. The topics are difficult and often are barriers for education in responding to the demographic changes in communities. The effort to reach across cultures is no different than other Extension planning and programming in that it is based on designing, conducting, and evaluating educational programs that improve the lives of people in your community.


Mark Russell is a Professor of Animal Sciences and Extension Specialist at Purdue University. You may also contact him via telephone at (765)494-7677.


Overview (Text) (PDF)

Unit 1: Asset Based Community Development (Text) (PDF )
Foundation of Building Strong Communities (Power Point )
Asset Based Community Development (Power Point )

Unit 2: Introducing Extension & Understanding Cultures (Text) (PDF )
Land Grant Universities (Power Point )
Strengthening Extension Advisory Leaders Curriculum (Link)

Unit 3: Modifying Extension Programs (Text) (PDF )

Unit 4: Identifying Key Leaders (Text) (PDF)
Community Organizational Map (Text) (PDF)
Community Positional Leaders (Text) (PDF)

Unit 5: Helping Groups Lead their Own Programs (Text) (PDF )


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