CULTIVATING Community Leadership


Building leadership capacity is important, especially for immigrant populations but not at the expense of their cultural values. For example, gender and age are viewed differently with respect to community leadership in varying cultures. Teaching leadership is not simply something that we can just go into a community and do. There must be a desire on the part of the community members to increase capacity and not have the dominant groups impose their values. In addition, this module considers issues that existing local leadership must confront in efforts to satisfactorily absorb new immigrant populations into their communities.


Kathy Lechman is the Leader of Diversity Development for Ohio State University Extension. You may also contact her via telephone at (614)247-7176.


Overview of Module 4 (Text ) (PDF )
Unit 1: What is a Leader? (Text ) (PDF )
Strengthening Extension Advisory Leaders Curriculum (Link)
Unit 2: Effective Communication (Text ) (PDF )
Leadership and Effective Communication (Power Point )
Unit 3: Conflict Management (Text ) (PDF )
Unit 4: Building an Effective Team (Text ) (PDF )
Unit 5: Steps to Organizing a Successful Community Event (Text ) (PDF )


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