Globe in Hand

A Curriculum for Extension Personnel

This is a needs-based, national curriculum to build the international skills of Extension personnel by strengthening educator's ability to develop activities relevant to the global realities of their location. The curriculum may also be used for programming in local communities.

The Eight Modules

Modules were designed independently, so you may begin with any of the modules. However, it is recommended that all learners complete Module 1: Building Cultural Competencies. Each module may include an overview, detailed instructional plans, worksheets, activities, and presentations.


  1. BUILDING Cultural Competencies
  2. ASSESSING Strengths of Your Community
  3. FACILITATING Workforce Development
  4. CULTIVATING Community Leadership
  5. UNDERSTANDING Legal Issues of New Populations
  6. EXPLORING Cultural Perspectives of Families
  7. DISCOVERING Global Trade
  8. PLANNING Your International Experience

Program Funding

Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service
National Initiative to Internationalize Extension



University Partners