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Baributsa,D., Lowenberg-DeBoer,J., Murdock,L., and B. Moussa. 2010. Profitable Chemical-Free Cowpea Storage Technology for Smallholder Farmers in Africa: Opportunities and Challenges. Abstract Submitted for the Tenth International Working Conference on Stored Product Protection, 27 June-2 July 2010, Estoril, Portug




Moussa, B., Otoo, M., Fulton, J., Lowenberg-DeBoer, J.

"Evaluating the Effectiveness of Alternative Extension Methods: Triple-Bag Storage of Cowpeas by Small-Scale Farmers in West Africa."  Selected Paper prepared for presentation at the Agricultural & Applied Economics Association 2009 AAEA & ACCI Joint Annual Meeting, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, July 26-29, 2009.




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