Maymester/Short Term

Maymesters are designed so that students are able to enroll in another su​mmer session course, participate in an internship, or still have time for a summer job upon returning from the course. Program fees vary for each course, but range $2500 - $4500. Most cases the program fee includes airfare, lodging, most meals, overseas medical insurance, some cultural activities, most in-country transportation and orientation materials. Different Maymesters are offered each year.

  • Earn 3 Purdue credits
  • Programs are 2-4 weeks in length
  • Led by Purdue faculty members
  • No foreign language requirements
  • Pay a $304.70 Study Abroad Fee in lieu of regular in-state or out-of state tuition/fees
  • Limited enrollment
  • Do not need to be majoring in the subject matter, but have an interest

The Summer 2016 Maymester programs are:


Choices – Past, Present & Future
The Low Countries (in the coastal areas of the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany) include land that is up to 20 feet below sea level (1/2 of the Netherlands) to land that is over 1,000 feet above sea level.  Students will travel from Amsterdam to Ghent, to Maastricht (cities that are 700 – 2000 years old) and back to the North Sea coast in the north of Holland/Friesland, most of it with millennia old farming history.  Students will learn about how changes in geography, politics and culture have influenced the people and agriculture of the region.  Students will also see how, in turn, choices across the food chain have influenced the geography, politics and culture of these regions.  These changes and choices are illustrated by visiting small organic farms to large intensive farms, conventional and new food distribution systems as well as universities, research systems and historic landmarks.  Emphasis will be on students integrating geography, culture and agriculture with discussions on choices for the future. 
For more information contact:
Dr. John Patterson, ANSC,
Dr. Stacy Zuelly, ANSC,


January 26th
6-7:00 PM
Lilly 3-102
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British Columbia
International Natural Resources
This is a joint course for students from North Carolina State University, Swedish University for Life Sciences (SLU), and Purdue. Topics that will be studied are forestry, fishing, and wildlife concerns. Students will gain a holistic and thematic view on sustainable use and management of natural resources for different geographic, ecological, and social conditions.
For more information contact:
Dr. Tomas Hook, FNR,
Dr. John Dunning, FNR,

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Food Security & Sustainable Development
This course provides an international and multi-disciplinary perspective on food security and resources. Focus will be case studies that represent different regions of the world with special emphasis on the changing conditions for tropical agriculture. The case studies, discussed in the context of the Millennium Development Goals, will help students gain knowledge and understanding of regional variations of food security and resources, sustainable development and economic growth throughout the world. This is a four-week course, which offers units on social and demographic changes, on the physical environment, global climate change, economic systems, and global trade. Purdue will partner with the University of Caldas and the Technological University of Pereira.
For more information contact:
Dr. Adriela Fernandez, AGEC,
Callout:  September 24th, 5:30 pm, Krannert 661
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Costa Rica
Biodiversity and Conservation in the Tropics
Students will conduct field studies in lowland rainforest and cloud forests ecosystems, gaining valuable field experience and a firsthand knowledge of the rich flora and fauna of this remarkable Central American country. Students will stay at two institutions leading the way in modern conservation practices. Students will be expected to participate in all aspects of field sampling, including collection, preparation, and documentation of specimens. Required field activities will be physically demanding, often in wet and muddy conditions, and include both day and night hikes in the forest. Students will be required to keep a detailed research journal, work in teams, and give an oral presentation of their work. There will be a class before and after the Costa Rica course.

For more information contact:
Dr. Jennifer Zaspel, ENTM,
Dr. Eugenio Nearns, ENTM,  
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In the English Landscape
This course includes time in London, Devizes and Stoke-on-Trent, England integrating history, horticulture, and landscape architecture. Students will understand how English history & culture have influenced the shaping of English gardens, parks, and landscapes; gain an appreciation for a society
that places a very high value on the cultivation of ornamental plants and the design of beautiful landscapes; see how landscapes and gardens address the human concerns of individuals and whole communities; experience life in England.
 ItEL16 Brochure_Page_1.jpg
For more information contact:
Dr. Michael Dana, HORT,
Dr. Melinda Appold, LA,
Dr. John Larson, HIST,

​October 1st - Hort 222 - 6:00 pm
October 21st - BRNG B202 - 6:00 pm

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An Overview of the Horse Industry and Extension in Europe
Students will learn about the various aspects of the Irish horse industry, as well as history and culture of Ireland. We will attend the Galway Races, the Dublin International horse show, and visit facilities ranging from the Irish National Stud to The Donkey Sanctuary. Cultural visits will include Blarney Castle, Killarney National Park and Cnoc Suain.
For more information contact:
Dr. Colleen Brady, YDAE,

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​  Callout: November 12th, 5:00 pm, AGAD 128

The Dawn of a New Day in Agricultural Education
While in Jamaica students will explore teaching as a career, experience multicultural education, and encounter international agriculture. Students will earn six credits (EDCI) for participation in
this course. This course is coordinated through
the College of Education.
For more information contact:
Dr. Allen Talbert, YDAE,
Small Holder Food Production and Marketing in Rural Italy
Students will travel to Reggio Emilia and the Tuscany regions of Italy.  Students will have an opportunity to gain a better understanding of marketing by experiencing agro tourism among smallholding and micro food producers in Italy.  The program will provide students with examples of all facets of marketing of these products, from the segments served by the producers (consumer, trade, and distribution) or local processors, to product development, pricing, distribution in various channels and promotion activities at these small facilities.  The program will begin with research on the marketing of local production from small holding producers in the US, which will serve as a comparison to those which will be observed abroad.  It will continue with research on the availability of Italian food products in the US, understanding of economic and trade issues affecting production from small holders in Italy within the EU and to the US, and distribution of Italian consumers around the world.  The course will include trips to farms and production facilities, as well as personal interaction with the products produced by these entities.
For more information contact:
Dr. Mike Gunderson, AGEC,
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Animals and Food Security Service Learning Experience
This course is in cooperation with Heifer International and the Agricultural Sciences & Veterinary Medicine University of Banat, Timisoara, Romania. 
Students will work in bi-national teams across agricultural and community disciplines working to contribute to sustainable community projects through application of agricultural ecology, animal well-being focused management, and
economic agribusiness projects.  Weekends will be spent visiting historic and cultural sites.
For more information contact:
Dr. Paul Ebner, ANSC,

Sept 23rd - 6pm - Lilly 3113A
Sept 29th - 6:30pm - Lilly 3113A
Oct 8th - 6pm - Lilly 3113A

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Kafakumba Training Center
Located in Ndola, Zambia the Kafakumba Training Center started several small businesses such as a woodworking shop, fish farming, and honey production in order to provide jobs and enhance the local economy.  Students participating will work to develop project based on their interests and expertise.  Project may be related to beekeeping, swine, goats, chickens, sheep, beef and dairy cattle, fisheries, mulberry, or feeding and nutrition.  Three – four student will be chosen to participate.  Students will also visit Victoria Falls and the surrounding area in Livingstone, Zambia.
For more information contact:
Dr. Kolapo Ajuwon, ANSC,
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