Although staying in one of the university's residence halls is convenient, it can be more expensive than sharing an apartment or a house with other students.

All university housing options, with the exception of Hilltop Apartments and Purdue Village, do not permit cooking.

If living more frugally, having more privacy and space, and being able to cook your own food are important to you, you probably will be better to live in the below options:

Willowbrook West Apartments

Cooperative Housing

Marwood Cooperative House

Students who want to experience group living at a more reasonable price can pursue the Cooperative Housing option. Marwood Cooperative HouseThere are five houses for men and hilary quote.jpgseven houses for women. All twelve houses operate on the principles of cooperative living with all residents working together to manage each house for the benefit of each other. Cooperative housing is the least expensive housing system at Purdue.

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Each house has between 15 and 50 members who share responsibilities such as cleaning and preparing meals to maintain a comfortable living environment.Members of the cooperative houses have between 3 to 5 hours of house duties a week. Vacancies are occasionally available and exchange students can apply as boarders to any of the cooperative housing units.

Private Flats or Apartments

There are hundreds of flats/apartments and rental houses near the Purdue University campus and within the cities of Lafayette and West Lafayette. Students can search for apartments that have short-term individual leases at the following websites:


Tips in Apartment Shopping

Exchange students should search to sublease an apartment for the semester. Many apartments in the Lafayette area have a 9 or 12 month lease. You cannot lease from an apartment when exchange students usually only stay at Purdue for a semester.

When subleasing, you merely take over another student's lease. Try to find an apartment or rental unit that is within walking distance of the Purdue campus or on a city bus line. Try to find an apartment that is already furnished.

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Location of Apartments

If you wonder how far away an apartment is from campus, search on mapquest and type in the apartment's address. The Agricultural Administration building's address which is on the agriculture side of campus is 615 West State Street, West Lafayette, IN 47907.


Try to find an apartment that is already furnished. If you find a place without furniture , there are ways to find inexpensive furniture. Some local stores that sell used furniture is Trinity Mission, Goodwill, and Furniture One. Also search Craigslist under Indiana and then Lafayette/West Lafayette or on Facebook under marketplace at Purdue University, West Lafayette.