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Announcements: Office 2013, Acrobat 11, and Presentation Mode updates and notes


Office 2013, Acrobat 11, and Presentation Mode updates and notes


Based upon numerous feedback, AgIT has implemented a policy change that will make using a PC more convenient when delivering presentations. Using this new feature will allow users to avoid the screensaver lockout during presentation, as well as disabling notifications and other setting adjustments. This feature is for laptops by default. If needed for a desktop PC, please contact AgIT prior to your presentation.  Instructions for enabling Presentation Mode can be found here:
On Wednesday, October 23rd, AgIT will upgrade from Adobe Acrobat 10 to version 11. This upgrade will apply mostly for  PC users who have leased a computer from AgIT. If you do not have a leased computer but AgIT has imaged your machine and installed Acrobat 10, this update will also apply. The new version of Acrobat has many new features, but also includes the same basic functionality as before. You can find more info on the Adobe website here.
Also, beginning on Wednesday, 10/23, AgIT will upgrade Microsoft Office from 2010 to 2013 in two phases. This update will apply to all PC’s, regardless if leased or not.  A group of users across the College has been testing Office 2013 for a couple months now, and we believe that for most common issues we have seen that we’ve created and updated our knowledgebase for future reference. 
For phase 1, all county machines (those whose name begins with 1157) will receive the update automatically on Wednesday.  For all other machines, we will not push the upgrade automatically until after the Fall semester ends in December (phase 2). If you wish to install the software before mid-December, you can do so at your time and convenience by following the easy instructions located here:
Note: We’ve seen two common issues when running Office 2013 apps for the first time. First, some archive folders will be disconnected from Outlook. To reconnect, follow the instructions here.  The second issue we’ve seen is that sometimes programs won’t open correctly the first time if you just try to click on the program icon. For this, try clicking on an existing Word or Excel file to bring up the application. After this one-time fix, it should open fine either way you choose.
Below are some helpful links from Microsoft regarding What’s New with Office 2013
To access documentation on both these products, as well as many other items supported by AgIT, you may reference our self-help knowledgebase located at  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact AgIT at the numbers or email listed below.  These updates will be applied during the normal maintenance window of midnight – 6am, Sunday thru Thursday. If your computer is not on the Purdue network or powered off during this time, it will attempt to install these updates the next time it is on the network during the maintenance window.  If you are working on your machine during the maintenance window, please save your work often as applications may close unexpectedly. 




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