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Customize Computer Install / Upgrade / ReImage Questionnaire: (no title)

Name of your current computer


What is the ticket # for your install, if known?


Who is the primary user?

Shaun Nathan Casteel

What is the primary user's Purdue Career Account username?


What is the primary user's phone number?




Contact's Phone


What department are you with? (Campus users only)



LILY - Lilly Hall of Life Sciences



What county, district, or farm are you with? (County users only)


Are there any additional users?


Do you have a local account (non-domain) on this machine? If so, please list the username


Will you need any additional software installed?

Software to be loaded on the new MacBook Pro:
Google Earth
Outlook email included with outlook 2011?

>SMS Basic (Ag Leader)
>ARM 9 (Ag Research Manager)
>Sigma Plot (perhaps, there is a Mac OS version?)
>Sigma Scan (perhaps, there is a Mac OS version?)
>some of these programs I may need to install myself since they are very specific to my research field.

Will there be any hardware or equipment connected to this machine?

HP Color LaserJet CP2025 (Casteel Purdue office)
Samsung ML-2570 (Casteel home office)
HP Color LaserJet CP3505 PCL 5c (Connie's color)
Other network printers

Samsung monitor (Casteel Purdue office)
Samsung monitor (Casteel home office)
external hard drive (1 TB)

What network printers are or will be connected to this machine?


Do you save data anywhere else besides the following:

C: Drive (PC)

Is there anything else you want AgIT to know?

I have adminstrator rights on my current laptop (Sony Viao that my project owns), and I would like to maintain those rights with the 13-in MacBook Pro. FYI, my project has purchased not leased this laptop. I travel a lot with my position and it has been helpful to have this right for updates, software downloads, etc.  Thanks.

I currently backup all of my files (outlook folders, messages, calendars; documents; pictures; videos; etc) on an external harddrive (1 TB). I assume that I will transfer the files from it to my mac... correct?


Created at 1/13/2014 6:08 PM by Casteel, Shaun N
Last modified at 1/13/2014 6:08 PM by Casteel, Shaun N