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Customize Computer Install / Upgrade / ReImage Questionnaire: 144AGAD010-102

Name of your current computer


What is the ticket # for your install, if known?


Who is the primary user?

Heather M Milller

What is the primary user's Purdue Career Account username?


What is the primary user's phone number?




Contact's Phone


What department are you with? (Campus users only)



AGAD - Agricultural Administration Building



What county, district, or farm are you with? (County users only)


Are there any additional users?


Do you have a local account (non-domain) on this machine? If so, please list the username


Will you need any additional software installed?

Business Explorer
Coeus production (NO Java 7!!!)
SAP Front End
FileMaker Pro 12

Java - it is important to have Java installed as it was on my old laptop; Dan Rhine knows about the settings I have; there are issues in the BOFF with updates and newer Java working with Coeus Production etc. This is essential to be installed the same way

I have 2 Software remove connections that needs to be transferred
I need Ag VPN
PAL 2.0 adn 3.0 nees to be configured

Will there be any hardware or equipment connected to this machine?

HP OfficeJet Pro 8600
1144 AGAD 1H02 4345 PCL
1144 AGAD 010 P3015 PCL
1144 AGAD 012 3525 PCL
Adobe PDF printer option
Send to OneNote 2010

What network printers are or will be connected to this machine?


Do you save data anywhere else besides the following:

S: Drive (Network)

Is there anything else you want AgIT to know?

Please make sure I am remapped to the BOFF shared drive


Created at 1/14/2014 11:27 AM by Miller, Heather M
Last modified at 1/14/2014 11:32 AM by Miller, Heather M