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Customize Computer Install / Upgrade / ReImage Questionnaire: 1157Marion17

Name of your current computer


What is the ticket # for your install, if known?


Who is the primary user?

Julean gray

What is the primary user's Purdue Career Account username?


What is the primary user's phone number?

317 275 9305 ex. 260



Contact's Phone


What department are you with? (Campus users only)






What county, district, or farm are you with? (County users only)


Are there any additional users?


Do you have a local account (non-domain) on this machine? If so, please list the username


Will you need any additional software installed?

EFNEP CRS national software (I wanted to share some information about NEERS5 and its compatibility with Windows 7 and Office 2010. 

Initially I told you that NEERS5 was not compatible with Windows 7.  Since that time several institutions have found a work-around.  NEERS5 will work on a Windows 7 computer if your IT department installs it using a virtual XP environment.  This is not something I am able to provide tech support for, but if you have a strong IT person to help you, he/she should be able to set this up for you and the software should work flawlessly.  Here is a link to some additional information: (provided by the University of Georgia).  If your IT person gets stuck, the University of Idaho has offered to help.  If you need assistance from them please send me a message and I will put you in touch.

OFFICE 2010: 
I do not have Office 2010 on my computer, but I have heard that NEERS5 is completely compatible.  If anyone else has done any testing related to this and would be willing to share his/her results, please feel free to send a message out over the listserv.

Stephanie M. Blake - Program Specialist
EFNEP & Child and Adolescent Development 
Families, 4-H and Nutrition                
USDA, National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA)                              

Phone 202-720-6079
Fax      202-720-9366
Email )

Will there be any hardware or equipment connected to this machine?

the printers and copiers in our office. also We cam.Basically everything I have now.

What network printers are or will be connected to this machine?


Do you save data anywhere else besides the following:

P: Drive (County)

Is there anything else you want AgIT to know?

 Inned the data fro my EFNEP program saved. It is currently backed up to my C drive and i want it that way so I can use my laptop from anywhere to work on the program.


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