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Service Catalog: Employee File Storage


Employee File Storage


P Drive, X Drive

AgIT Group


Standard Service Features

Storage limits are provided to users for storage of work files, as well as backup copies of saved files. These limits are based on resources available for file and backup storage.
  • Campus - no limit
  • County/Farms -  limit based on number of staffs members accessing the server. 

Optional Service Features

No optional features at this time.


Network space is limited. Users should only store work-related files.  Users are requested to not store personal pictures and music files on the network server. 

User Responsibilities

Review stored files to ensure relevance and timeliness.  Users are requested to archive non-relevant files to other media (e.g., DVD, flashdrive) and then delete these files from the network server. 


This service is available to all AgIT-supported users who are employed full or part time. Volunteers are not eligible for this service. Special exception will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Service Initiation

This service is automatically initiated as a part of the new user account setup process for staff/faculty. If network storage was not set up at that time, please contact the support group below.

Service Support

AgIT Support Services:

  • Hours: 8:00 AM–5:00 PM, Monday–Friday
  • Phone: 765-494-8333 or 888-226-2438


This service to all AgIT-supported staff free of charge.

Service Targets

Targets for this service are:

  • AgIT will work with ITaP to provide an availability of 99.9%, excluding scheduled outages and maintenance windows.
  • Measure availability based on ITaP Exchange Server uptime.
  • Restore service in accordance with ITaP's severity levels, policies, and procedures.

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