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Service Catalog: Remote Access to Network Resources


Remote Access to Network Resources


VPN, Virtual Private Networking

AgIT Group


Standard Service Features

  • Remote access to campus drives and resources.
  • The same level of access that you would have if you were physically in your office.

Optional Service Features

  • While VPN is user-configurable, Support Services can assist in setting up the VPN connection on standard, AgIT-supported computers.


  • AgIT provides self-help instructions for installing the VPN client and mapping network drives on personal computers on the AgIT website. However, Support Services cannot configure these computers for the user.
  • VPN is dependant on an active, reliable connection to the internet.
  • Some networks block VPN traffic. VPN can only function if the user's computer is connected to a network that allows VPN traffic.

User Responsibilities

  • Users must follow the directions provided on the AgIT website for setting up VPN on personally owned  computers.
  • Users must follow the directions provided on the AgIT website for accessing remote resources on any computer.


All AgIT-supported users.

Service Initiation

User initiated via self service, or a request with AgIT Support Services.

Service Support

AgIT Support Services:

  • Hours: 8:00 AM–5:00 PM, Monday–Friday
  • Phone: 765-494-8333 or 888-226-2438
  • E-Mail:



Service Targets

  • Agit will work to provide an availability of 99.9%, excluding scheduled outages and maintenance windows.
  • Measure of availability will be based on AgIT server 'uptime.'
  • In the event of an outage, restoration of service will become priority for AgIT System team.

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